My Psychic Experience

by Jaye Tremble

Wasps Nest

Wasps Nest

Alot of woman have had psychic dreams but i am only 13 yet and i have experienced one...
3 nights ago, in my dream, i walked into my room and wasps in groups of 100's were all over my bed and curtains. in the end corner of my room was a hole and hundreds of wasps were constantly coming out from the hole leading up to the loft. In the corner of the loft was their nest, the wasps never harmed me i was in shock i walked in had a look then i walked out.

When i woke up i told my little brother, he wasn't that interested. The next day my friend came over and we wanted to play monopoly so me and my brother went up to the loft to get it, while we were up there my brother say a wasp trapped in this plastic cover over an old dress. We discussed it and were quite creeped out, but we just thought it was a coincidence. I told my mum and dad, but they just said the same.

But tonight, i suggested a family game of monopoly, but the dice was one i made because we lost the other one. So my brother told me to go and get one out one of the other board games in the loft. So i got the ladders and climbed up, i got the dice then went to check if that wasp was still their but it had gone. I checked in the corner of the loft where in my dream that's where the wasps nest was. and... there u go about 20 wasps flying around a nest. I was instantly shocked, but then i started to panic as i quickly got out before they had harmed me. As i hit the ground i just broke down in tears, i just couldn't believe it. i ran down the stairs statically, i told my family as we all ran upstairs to check. My dad went up first and said shes right. My mum gave me a kiss on the fore head and said you have a wee gift. My mum is very spiritual, and interested in that kind of stuff and believes. She said i could have been levitating in my sleep, or maybe someone visited me and told me. but i am a bit worried and still very confused, will i have another true dream? Jaye

Anna's Reply

Hi Jaye, it so great that your mother believes and understands these spiritual connections you had experienced. It’s so comforting when you have love and support. You will probably have more experiences as you did with your dreams, labeled premonition dreams because it sounds like you are ready, because you are allowing yourself to be aware of the connections between your dreams and reality. You may have also had an unconscious unaware desire also to have a psychic experience too.

The confusion you are experiencing is only because it’s your first psychic experience and it’s still new to you. Just like anything else in our lives, when it’s new and more out of the ordinary, it’s a bit uncomfortable at first. However the more experiences you have of these insights and picking up information as you did, the more comfortable you’ll become with it and the more you will have too.
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