Past and future lives, controlling thoughts and the end of the world?

by Gemma

Before I bombard you with questions I just want to say thankyou for all the advice you've given me and for putting up with all my questions =P You've really helped me in understanding that we create our own reality and how everything works together in synchronicity.
I just have a few random questions I want to ask about everything...

First, I've been worrying a lot lately about thinking of bad things and having them happen. I've been given advice about thinking of good things and channeling my thoughts but it's been really difficult for me. I haven't said this before but I have OCD, I don't have it as near as bad as anyone else and consider myself reasonably good at controlling it but when it comes to not thinking of bad things I can't help myself. It's like saying 'don't think of an elephant' and then you automatically think of an elephant. It's gotten to the point where I've caused myself harm but also people around me due to the fact of me thinking of them getting hurt or injured or terrible things happening. I've been feeling really helpless and I don't know what to do so it would be great to hear your views on it :(

Secondly, Lately I've been mainly focusing my energy on seeing other peoples life, energy and memories and have been channeling most of my energy onto that to develop a better understanding of it. Something I've realised is that when I'm feeling a strong emotion, usually sadness, anger, or pain, I tend to find it easier to 'read' people. I remember once I was feeling really depressed about my friend leaving to go to Korea because of family problems and that I wouldn't get to see her again and that when I found out I spent ages sitting in the park and focusing all my energy on the ducks infront of me. Ofcourse they had very interesting memories =P
So my question there is.. When I'm feeling a stronger emotion why is it easier to 'read' people?

Thirdly, ever since I was little I've had really horrible dreams about the end of the world. Most of them are quite vivid and for some reason part of me thinks that it's linked to a past life because of the fact that no part of me has ever ever experienced anything like it for me to have been having nightmares about it. I feel like it's happened before. But something quite scary I just realised now is that the way we humans look at time and space is completely irrelevant to anything and that I could've already seen the end of the world and that not only I can connect with my past lives but also my future lives.
Sorry for my deep revelation there ^^;
A few questions for this one...
1. If I'm correct and time is irrelevant can I connect to my future lives like I've been doing with my past?
2. Why do different 'psychics' have different visions on the end of the world? Shouldn't they all be the same?
3. Is there such thing as a psychic or is that just a name a manifester uses for when they're 'predicting' peoples futures?

And last, you don't have to answer these if you don't want to because they're a bit personal but I was just wondering because you seem to know a lot about how reality works and I am wanting someone to relate to =P
1. What were your first 'psychic' experiences like?
2. How did you come to know about manifesting of energy etc. ?
3. How do you think the world is going to end?

Anna's reply:

Hi again Gemma,
You are so welcome and I totally empathize with you for asking these deep empowering questions because they are the same questions that I started my search in the beginning of wanting to know and understand the nature of reality and myself.

First OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, now this is only my opinion and from my experiences of any disease, it’s a name for a disorder that has been again labeled and added just as all disease or disorders becomes, separated from the wisdom of creating reality. Read my PMS page, whether it’s cancer or any other disease, when we break down those attachments and perceive all disorders or diseases in creating our own reality then we break down the old beliefs too, and this is really important to do.

For a longer specific indepth answering to all your questions click the link and go to the 15th question and answer part at the end of the page.

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