hi ann love your website and cant wait to get your books, my question is this, i love the idea of alternate realities, that when we make a choice in this dimension, that alters the course in our life, another dimension continues on with another choice, so even if we make the wrong choice, we are on the right path in another universe and continue our life, what i want to know is, are the people in the alternate universes still us,,or fragments of us, so that i am living the life i would have lived had i made other choices. \or taking it a step further could we be fragments of alternate selves and the original on another universe.

Anna's reply

What a fantastic question! You are so right, in my knowledge of wisdom of my experiences, I would agree with you that whatever choices we make, continues in alternative dimensional universes consistently. Whether we judge the choices as right or wrong, in other dimensions they are being lived out, yet from our infinite self, there is no right or wrong, only experiences.

I believe that it’s fragments of ourselves because really everything is a fragment of the whole originally, holographically. The only separation we perceive is depending on our beliefs that give the illusion of separation that define our perception as being separate alternative selves.
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