seen a goblen figure in camera

by tammy busser
(tucson,az. usa)

I recently took a picture of my self, & in the camera it self was a green goblin, was not really scarey 2 me but it had a tooth missing in the picture. I don't have it my camera any more cause i empty it out, but when i uploaded to my computer there was a dark image next 2 me that no one could really notice, thought i was crazy. My husband said he has seen this person it is of a child, but i don't know of any one that has lost one here in the family. It has not harmed us or made us want 2 move out.
thanks tammy busser for listening 2 me.

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Infinite Parallel Realities
by: Anna

Hi Tammy, because there are so many infinite parallel realities that are seen still as invisible, this glimpse you've experienced could be a past, future or present being. There may not be any other effect than just the noticing. By tuning into your higher intuition more info may come available for you about what you seen. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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