Spirits On Cameras

Spirits on cameras intrigued me when I first heard of Robbert van den Broeke.  You can read more about him on the paranormal role models page and his experiences with the ability to take pictures with any camera given to him, and a picture of a person who has died is on the camera. Many times information is also received that the spirits have to pass on to family members or friends. Immediately I realized that if one person is experiencing this, then this may also be an ability that we all are able to capture for our own experiences. Another of the paranormal practices we can use for our spiritual evolutionary growth.

For the English version in text and still pictures of the video.

For us on our spiritual journey we already know that when the body dies the spirit lives on, but to be able to capture our departed ones, spirits on cameras is fantastic. When I came across this article from the Kansas paper, the Wichita Eagle you can read the article of Addison Logan who bought a Polaroid camera at a garage sale and found a picture of his uncle who had died in the camera. For myself it was more evidence popping up for us to be able to use technology to connect with our loved ones who have passed on through death.

I believe that the cameras are showing us and enabling a way for us to connect with people who have died and passed on other than just through signs of telepathy, telekinesis or OOB or dream dimensions. Now we have another way for spirits to come through to communicate with us. I wonder what will be next?

Harry Oldfield Energy Revealed

Harry Oldfield's decades of research of capturing spirits on film, he even sells a filter that can be used in front of a camera. Over a decade ago I heard a Ramtha teaching about drinking alcohol and be aware of the spirit entities, from other dimensions that hang around drunk people. In these video's Harry shows this with 2 girls at a bar. Many more interesting paranormal things that appear on camera that are not at locations but were there in the past and come through on the camera.

My Prediction Of How Spirits May
Show Up as We Evolve

What’s coming through to me is that next we will be hearing about are dead people coming through video, with sound and moving motion, as in video recording in real time. Now that would really be fantastic and I believe since we are already rising so quickly in vibrational dimensional frequencies now, much more will be surfacing for us to experience with the paranormal.

I would love to hear your opinions or insights about spirits on cameras. You may even desire to practice this just as any other paranormal practice of spirits on cameras and when you experience anything like it, please do leave us your experience too. You know it sure is on my list of practices.

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seen a goblen figure in camera 
I recently took a picture of my self, & in the camera it self was a green goblin, was not really scarey 2 me but it had a tooth missing in the picture. …

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