by Bridgiett
(grandjunction colorado united states of america)

so if you have telekinesis and you are having a bad emotional brake down of a day will your mind not meaning to but accadentily break things and you not know that this is happening and also that is it safe to be near one at this state of time and or emotion?

Answer from Anna:

That's a great question Bridgiett, thanks for asking! Once you are able to use your telekinesis abilities naturally, in other words you become to master the ability, yes that's exactly what can occur. I believe that’s happening at some levels already though we are not aware of it when objects around us don't function properly. Emotion is the powerful force that affects reality. It takes learning and being responsible once mastering telekinesis and the reason it takes practice to begin with usually for most individuals. The same way we presently use our perception and warnings when a stove is hot and not to touch it.

Once you’ve have mastered telekinesis you automatically learn how to also control it by going through experiences of affecting objects. It’s the same as anything else we learn. As for affecting people around us is slightly different because of their beliefs systems which could be perceived as a safe guard. And I am quite sure that once mastering telekinesis you do learn how to control it quickly. However keep in mind that we are always affecting objects and people by our emotions not only by telekinesis. Eventually you learn to control and use it for the highest benefits. If someone does not, then the "law of creation, what we put out comes back" will eventually teach us our lesson.

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by: Mat

Hello. I have been experiencing a condition such as the explained explanation of telekinesis for my whole life. People say that you can learn it or strengthen it but i have found that if you have it you have it. Recently at place of work, i had a female supervisor put me down and make me feel bad. I walked out to the cool room to unpack some boxes when I garbed the handle. The rubber seal around the fridge caught on fire and the fire brigade was called. This is just the tip of the ice berg and i worry not how to make it stronger but how to make sure I can control it and not cause so much damage. I have since trained as a Post grad ND and massage therapist but have recently ran into more problems. When i touch a persons back or shoulders they suddenly complain of intense burning around there belly button and a strange vibration...Mat

Anna's Reply, While so many individuals want to experience and expand on telekinesis, you are experiencing the opposite, however it will take the same kind of practicing focus to change it around and be of control of it. There are other individuals that with their pure intention can create fire. You are experiencing it effortlessly, that's how powerful our thoughts with emotions can be when there is no resistance getting in the way. Many who experiences anger burning up inside, to the point it's suppressed, may experience a high fever if the emotion are not dealt with eventually. For emotions to become external fire, you can change the belief to gain control of it.

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