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Singing Christmas Tree

Have a little fun watching the curious cats with the singing christmas tree.

Infinite Christmas Celebrations to You

May the Christmas season reveal the greatest truth, love and joys for you. May unconditional love be your guiding force to enjoying the holidays

Abraham Hicks about President Trump

Fabulous video reminder to keep our focus. feelings, and story on what we prefer to experience, and that's what Trump does.

A Great Meditation Video

Though this video is so short, the intensity it can have when you open your heart in a state of compassion can be so profound. Try it first by watching as a meditation by witnessing the thoughts that come up? Then watch it with an open heart of compassion to experience a oneness.

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Great Article on Quantum Jumping

Cynthia Sue Larson explains quantum jumping through quantum mechanics, while integrating manifesting intentions through quantum jumping. Great reminders that we are quantum living and becoming more aware that we are.

Shifting Timelines

This article is long but in depth of shifting timelines, frequencies, and much more. Many fabulous quotes from some of the greatest teachings too.

Emotions Mapped on the Human Body

This is a great article that shows actual pictures mapped on the body. We can clearly also see when in a particular negative emotion for too long how it accumulates and causes illnesses or pain. Most interesting it shows happiness is mapped throughout the whole body, in comparison to all other emotions. This is very inspiring to also realize that meditation, or not engaging in ego thoughts and emotions are so important.

Russian Scientists Prove DNA is Changed Through Language

We know ourselves that DNA is changed by language and is the reason affirmations work. In this article Russians prove that language changes DNA. And they also state in the article that the Crispr technology (a few headline below in the blog is a video about it) is NOT needed to be used to splice DNA to change it.

Ian Lungold

This video is an extended version of the one below that's on the webpage of the time article. Ian Lungold explains in depth the Mayan Calendar and our evolution through different stages. He also goes in depth that creation is speeding up, instead of perceiving it as time speeding up in this longer video.

Not that Time is Speeding Up, but More Creation Happening In Time

We may think we're experiencing time faster than in the past. This article explains it as there's less time, and more creation going on.

12 Strand DNA

Great article on 12 Strand DNA. Near the end of the page under the heading...DNA Strands and Endocrine Glands, a great description of the process and integration.

UFO's and Nuclear Weapons
Being Deactivated

"Hastings has interviewed more than 150 military veterans who were involved in various UFO-related incidents at U.S. missile sites, weapons storage facilities, and nuclear bomb test ranges. The events described by these individuals leave little doubt that the U.S. nuclear weapons program is an ongoing source of interest to someone possessing vastly superior technology."

Though we know that there's always beings that are more evolved in consciousness and technology, and are watching and helping our world to stay safe. Which you will hear more about in Robert Hastings video through the link that will take you to Robert's home webpage.

The Main Purpose we are Here

Igor Kufayev describes it so simply in this video of the main purpose we are here.

Crispr Changes Everything
in Genetic Engineering

DNA editing has been around for decades, many of these technologies led to the Crispr which is the newest technology that rewrite/edits genes. It is a mechanical technological way to change DNA, not a natural way. You can read about the proof of the "natural way" in the above article ... Russian Scientists Prove DNA is Changed Through Language, which most of us have already been doing along our infinite path.

CRISPR lets us edit our DNA | Jennifer Doudna is the co-inventor of the Crispr which she explains about in this video.

Round table talk about past genetic engineering into the present.

Monks on P.E.I. just bought 600 lbs
of lobster. Here's why

I am sure that all of you will feel and appreciate what the monks have done. When I came across this article, I felt so over joyed to tears of the most beautiful act that these monks have done for the lobsters. I recall when I vacationed out east, and I felt such compassion for all the sea beings and wished them be released back into the ocean. What a wonderful wish fulfilled.

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A Master at Manifesting Desires

Neville Goddard was a master at manifesting reality of his preferences. Just as so many ancient masters have stated, Neville also says the same thing. His guidance is so easy and pure, just feel as if what we desire is already manifested into our experience long enough, and it will be.

Infinite Pure Conscious Being that is THE REAL YOU behind all the conditioning, has all the power available when properly streamed, or when being in that pure alignment without any distraction from old conditioning recordings. Here are some great quotes by Neville Goddard.

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7 Ways to Unf#ck Yourself & Save
the World in the Process

"Achieving such a state inverts the declaration of “Save the world, kill yourself” into “kill your unsustainable self and save the world.” Life then becomes a force compelled by life and empathy rather than a force comforted by entropy and apathy" If you're inspired by that statement? And also this Chinese Proverb, "The person who says it can't be done should not interrupt the person doing it" Then you'll love this blog article too.

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PK Man Ted Owens

PK book is fabulous and so interesting. This interview with Jeffery and Steve is also very interesting. If you haven't experimented with weather, or any other paranormal abilities, it's very profound proof of our abilities. And it's such an important part of our evolution of pure consciousness in our bodies.

Playing Chess with Beyond the Grave

Ouija boards are prehistoric now that we have channeling, and other ways to connect with beings that are still invisible to our limited senses. What fun to be able to play chess, or any favorite game with a departed loved one.

"Vernon Neppe provides a detailed analysis of a chess match played between a living grandmaster, Victor Korchnoi and an ostensible deceased grandmaster, Géza Maróczy, whose moves were communicated through the auspices of a spiritualist medium using automatic writing. Neppe argues that this is a strong case supporting the hypothesis of survival of consciousness after death."

The Best Decision is from Our Heart

When you make a decision, are you making it from your intellect? Or from your heart? Our Heart will always guide us with Infinite intuition, guidance and insights. Read more from Gregg Braden's article, making decisions from our Heart.

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Listening to the Inspiration of
Your Soul and Heart

Fabulous interview. Simran Singh talks with Les Jensen about training our ego to trust the inspiration of our soul and heart. Then the ego will support and take action with our greater inspirations, which also supports living our authentic self. Click on the link below to listen to the interview.

If you enjoyed Les's interview you may also want to check out his book, Citizen King.

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Liquid Luck

Interview with Joseph Gallenberger discussing his newest book, Liquid Luck. Which is filled with experiences of individuals who had quick manifestations from Joseph's CD. Along with much more great information about manifesting through the love energy. The link will take you to his two books.

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Cultivating Psychokinesis

Jeffery Mishlove from New Thinking Allowed show interviews Joseph Gallenberger. This is Part 3. There's also part 2 which Joseph discussed his group training at Vegas. Part one is about his personal journey and how it lead to the Vegas training seminars. The link will take you to part 1.

New Year Knowing

Are you ready to dare to be so sovereign to know that all manifestations come from ourselves? Yes, all comes from the Infinite Zero Field of Creation. However, it is ourselves who is creating the projections of the ideas, desires that we experience.

Infinite New Year to the New You

This is it! We are now living from the Infinite Greater part of ourselves now, so every day will be our greatest experiences yet.

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