Telekinesis is the ability to become one, in others words become entangled as quantum physics shows with an external object and affect the properties of an object. Whether it is the movement of an object, or the affect of an object to change it's functioning, it proves we are unified in the connection to everything. I have experienced it myself by focusing my attention for long periods of time and words to describe the experience is challenging, because you really must have the experience for yourself to know how it feels to express how empowering and amazing it is.

Objects I Have Deliberately Affected

I am sharing some of my experiences of telekinesis as I never thought I would.  I have not told many others about it, but since you are on this page, then you are either a believer or curious enough to at least ponder the idea of telekinesis, affecting objects with your mind. You may already be doing it deliberately or desiring to do it. If you have not, it's so worth the practicing because when you have the experience for yourself, all denial and skeptism does dissolve completely. You just can't deny it when you experience telekinesis for yourself.

Keep in mind that illusion conditions many to believe that we do not affect anything, however in reality beyond the illusions we are really affecting everything all of the time. Not aware that we are doing it until we become aware, just as we are creating all of our reality too. Awareness and experience makes all the difference in going beyond illusions into evolving into making the unknown known.

Everything we practice long enough with imagining focus, we are rewiring our brain which is creating new memories to then be triggered. So that we can do what we have practiced and experienced any time we desire to.

The Water Pump
In the home I lived in before this one we had a water pump that became to not work properly.  Most times when it should stop running after the water fills ,it is supposed to stop running. But it would continue to run, and the only way to stop it was to manually turn the valve. Since I was researching and learning about how we affect our reality, and objects too , I started experimenting with objects.  I decided to use this challenge with the water pump as an experiment to see if I could affect it with my focused mind and energy.  Instead of the normal way to just go and buy a new water pump.

Whenever the pump continued to run, I will stop whatever I was doing and sit and focus for sometimes over a half hour.  At first nothing, and I would have to manually turn the valve to stop the pump from running.  However, after doing my imagining many times throughout the day and putting extreme focus on it, and it did take weeks of doing this without giving up.  I just knew I could do it and was not going to give up until I experienced myself affecting the water pump to stop running.

Then one morning it worked.  I focused as I have been doing for weeks, which was imagining in my mind the pump valve turning off and also in my mind hearing the running water stop, and it did, right on cue.

Well I was so excited and my hubby came running in the room wondering if I had won the lottery, as he had no idea what I have been practicing for weeks.  When I told him he was very skeptical until a day later when I practice enough where I could do it on command, then he was amazed!  Because I defied the odds of probability to be able to do it as many times on demand, and it made him a believer. He is very open minded, he has to be to live with me.

I became so good at it that I actually now affected the pump to not run when it was not supposed to.  It went totally opposite of what it originally was doing, now it would not run at all.  So of course now I used this as another opportunity to practice, focus and imagine it to run when we needed water. This took more days of practice throughout the day until I was able to affect it to run by imagining it running, and hearing and seeing it in my mind ... the water running.

Though I never got to the point of actually totally having a properly working pump because we moved from that home.

Computer Virus
A couple of years ago my computer got a virus, however I know that I affected it to begin with, energy is energy, and my fears became stronger then my no fear of getting one.  However it was another opportunity I realized I  created to experiment again. At first I took it in to have it removed. But a day later it was still there! I know normally most would just take it back as it wasn't done properly, but I took it as a sign from my higher self to do this as I did the water pump.

I didn't put as much effort and time into it as I did with the water pump. But every single time I would go on my computer and see the message of a virus, I would stop and imagine seeing the end result, the message saying virus removed completely, and let go of all fear and filled my thoughts with absolute faith. Which became easy because I had the memory of the success with the water pump.

I would only focus for a few seconds, and would let it go. Well it did take 3 months.  One morning when I went on my computer, WALA! It was exactly as I had envisioned it to be, the screen popped up and said the virus is completed removed. Again I was so excited and my hubby runs into to see what all the excitement was about, and again he was also amazed. It also amazed me how he is always around when these WALA's occur for his own evolving growth too.

My Car CD player
My CD player in my car is the original player since I bought the car second hand and it would play sometimes, and other times it wouldn't no matter what I did. So I again used it as an opportunity to affect it deliberately to work, especially as I was going to be driving for over an hour or more and wanted to hear Abraham's CD on my travel.

I would envision the CD playing in my mind and actually hear Abraham's voice over and over. For the first 20 minutes nothing, the CD player would push out the CD and read ERROR. I was passionate, I was determined, I was going to affect the player to play. After 20 minutes of imaging with sound and site, WALA! It played! There are still times when it will not play and I put my intention into it, let go with the knowing it will, and it does play when I do it. It is so against the odds of randomness because I experience it now on command.

Dr. Thomas Campbell explaining consciousness and metaphysics and science.

When we deliberately INTEND to affect an object we are focusing our intention, we are being one with the object through focusing our attention on it to affect it.  When we know beyond illusion, out of the box beliefs that creates the belief that we are not separate from everything, we become to know that we are connected through consciousness and affecting everything we put our attention on long enough.

The above experiences I shared are just a few of my experiences of telekinesis.  In these video's you will see how it is done on command. The amount of time it takes is unique depending on each individuals beliefs that depend on your own level of acceptance.

You can also read about a 6 year old accomplishes telekinesis from Ramtha's school that practiced and accomplished moving dominoes with her focused intention mind.

In this video from Ramtha School of Enlightenment Kenny doing telekinesis, moving casino chips and affects the roulette wheel to stop at his desired number.

This is a video that shows Nina Kulagina, the famous Russian psychic shown in a documentary of her telekinesis ability.

This is another great video that shows Robin Lin bending four spoons at once.

In this video James Twyman bends a fork with his focused intention and his energy.

Telekinesis is one ability out of infinite abilities, everyone has the potential for telekinesis and the potential of even more amazing abilities. Another beyond the norm ability is affecting weather.  When we practice telekinesis, or any other ability until we have our own experiences, it removes all denial and doubt, it's our own feedback as proof.  

Through this link you can watch Uri move a ball, sprout seeds which is titled under Amazing Children. 

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