Believing is Seeing, not the
Other Way Around

Believing is Seeing, not the other way around that states you will believe it when you see it.  We are all seeing what we already believe to be our truth because we can only see what we believe to be true.

Truth is so fluid, as an example let’s take medication. In my so distant past I believed I had to take medication to heal everything until I experimented long enough to rewire new brain cells of an unknown reality to me at the time. As a result from consistent practicing of self healing with no external substance at all, eventually I created enough neuro pathways that disconnected from my old beliefs, and created the new beliefs that create healing without any external substances.

I had to use imagination to do that because my programming at the time didn’t support the new unknown information. Imagination is what allows us to search for the infinite data of memories to be used for our new experiences in creating our reality or switching to the reality that supports it.

Getting Out of Our Own Way and Back on the Natural Path

Knowing that believing is seeing, I had to believe it first by imagining what it felt like to already just naturally heal. What I find so interesting is that naturally we all already have the healing ability within our genetics, we actually learned to get in the way of natural health. Choosing thoughts from beliefs that were so limited for the experience to know the difference and to get back on the path, almost like reformatting it within our brain and body to be able to have the experience. So we must use imagination to create the belief to be able to see or experience what was in the past unknown to then know.

Using the analogy of a puzzle with all the pieces scrambled, but the pieces are not on the table, they are scattered through all the rooms of our house. We have to first find all the pieces from the other rooms and put them on the table so it’s a bit easier to put together. Similar to our brain and body as the puzzle pieces scattered throughout consciousness in different levels or vibrations. We go to imagination to find the pieces and then apply it till more and more pieces gathered together form the reality to makes sense. As more and more pieces are applied and registered through our body to be perceived to be experienced. Our experience is similar to more and more pieces applied that allows us to see more of what the picture is resulting to be, or to make sense of it all.

This video is a great reminder of how the native people were unable to see Columbus ships in the horizon because they didn’t have any previous knowledge to create the visual perception yet. The tribe leader at first couldn’t see the ships either but knew something was there, he was more open to possibilities, in his beliefs and perception, he was able to use his imagination of wisdom to articulate a pattern of memories from infinite consciousness to then see the ships.

Video part 2 from “What the Bleep”, “Down the Rabbit Hole”

Psychic or Paranormal is Experienced by Believing is Seeing

Believing is Seeing is needed also for all psychic experiences because when we experience anything psychic or paranormal it’s the illusion that dictates that we just experienced something psychic without realizing what really occurred. We first had to believe it before we experience it which means we were unaware of how it progressed to the creation of the experience.

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