How a Boating Trip Changed my Life to See Everything Differently

I was a bit hesitant about going on a boating trip but my sons were so excited so I agreed. It was the start of a beautiful warm summer day. I awoke as the sun was just rising with its beautiful prism of color filling the sky. My husband at the time and my kids were all excited to spend a day trip on the waters of Lake Erie, with my sister and her husband and his brother. We all hurried around gathering all of our stuff we were taking with us.

We drove to the docking location and when I seen that the boat was allot smaller then I had expected, but convinced myself that it would be a fun day. We all gathered into it and headed off while my brother in law’s brother steered us away from the shore.

The day was great, so warm and sunny all we could see was water all around us, even the shore seemed like a distant dream that faded so far away. We came upon a very small island and docked upon it. We had lunch and explored the island for a couple hours and then back on the boat we went again.

It was around four o’clock in the afternoon and all we could see was water all around us for what seemed like a long time, but the fun and relaxation was about to take a large transformation because the winds and the waves started to pick up. So we all decided it was time to head back to shore even though we could not even see any shore.

Fun turned to Panic and Almost Death

We were going along at a good speed of all of sudden the motor stopped and we were coasting along. My husband at the time and my brother in law and his brother all tried what seemed like such a long time tried to repair and get the motor going. But to no avail it just was not going to start. My two sons at the time were young, three and seven years young and of course the first thing I did was panic, seeing a nightmare unfolding. At the time I had no idea that thoughts created my reality but I had allot of spiritual beliefs and that is what kept me from freaking out too much.

First thing my brother in law’s brother tried was the radio but that did not work either, the battery was dead too! OMG! The panic was really setting in now. No motor, no battery or radio, three flares, one paddle and only four life jackets. My sons both had life jackets on but we adults did not feel any need previous to this situation to put them on. The guys quickly gave my sister and I the left over two jackets to put on.

Now the winds were getting even stronger and the waves were not only rocking the boat but at also periodically coming into the boat. Now a storm had developed and we heard the loud thunder and lightening with some rain. The guys took turns doing the paddling with the one paddle we had, however it seemed as if we were going in circles. But they continued to take turns and kept paddling. They even let off the flares we had but there were no other boats around.

As all mother’s instinctively try to be as calm as possible to not upset the kids in times of fright and that is what my sister and I were doing. Trying to hush my sons to sleep as it was becoming darker as night was coming upon us, we sang songs to calm our own nervousness too. Now we were in the dark trying to go somewhere yet without being able to see any land anywhere we were all getting disoriented and sea sick too.

We have been boating since early morning and now it was night time and I really could not find any hope to grab onto. My sons did fall asleep and the storm finally calmed down and we were floating endlessly in the dark.

Then a calm seem to not only take over me but also with the others too. For myself I felt a surrendering as I never felt before in my life. I prayed and said to the Almighty Creator that if this is our time to pass on then so be it, I accept it and let go of all my fears. It just became to that ultimate desperation when there seems to be nothing else that can be done, that letting go and surrender then comes so naturally.

We continued to drift and believe it or not I don’t recall any of us even having a watch to know what time it was. All we knew was it was dark and we were just floating. Periodically one of the guys would try to paddle again but they finally gave up the fight against the unpredictable waters of Lake Erie. No wonder it has the name “Erie” in it, at the time I did not know that the lake is famous for its unpredictable nature and eerie it sure was.

So as I watched my sons sleep and everyone else was drained beyond desperation and settled in the calm surrendering state that seemed to take us all over, we all sat in silence. I think we were all silently praying and accepting our fate as we continued to drift and still with nothing but blackness and very little stars. It seemed like we were timeless not knowing how deep into the night we were without any watches to direct our way in the timelessness. It did feel like forever.

A Miracle Appears

All of a sudden as I looked far ahead of the boat I could see a bright light, I screamed so loud I woke my sons. I continued to ask the others and they could not see it, yet I could see it and it seemed to becoming brighter. Then I heard my grandmother’s voice. This was my mother’s mother, the other experience I had with telekinesis was with my dad’s mother. I heard her voice as clear as if she was physically in front of me, she kept repeating in her Italian broken English accent, “Follow the light, follow the light and you will be alright.” Not only did I hear her voice but I also seen her face so clearly, she also seemed so calm and happy too. I told the others that were still looking for the bright light and told them about what I just heard, seen and experienced of my grandmother.

My brother in law grabbed the paddle and started paddling as fast as he could and the others screamed that they were seeing it too. The guys took turns again paddling with all the energy they had left in them. It seemed like hours before we reached the spot where the bright light was shining. What was really freaky was that once we arrived at the location that we seen the light there was no light, it was as if it appeared and then disappeared once we came close to it.

We were all puzzled and looked at each other in silence. We just sat in the spot for awhile; the boat was barely moving as everything seemed to just be at calm, the water, the wind and the boat. It did not seem very long before we seen the sun rising in the horizon, it was becoming daylight and the dark night was finally over. Then to our right we seen a distant shore and the guys once again took turns paddling. I do not know how long it took us to finally reach the shore, we were so excited and wonder struck, time went so fast it seemed.

We reached the shore line but there was no docking for boats, we pulled the boat up onto the sandy shore and could see lines of house over a large hill in the horizon. The guys took to tracking up the hill while my sister and I and my sons stayed at the boat. My brother in law was the only one to come back as the other two took a taxi to get the vehicles that were at the original spot we had docked at. It was over a hundred kilometers from where we originally started out on the boat. We waited over an hour for them to come back with the vehicles.

News of my Grandmother’s Passing

When we arrived home we were so ecstatic to be home safely even though we could still feel the motion of the waves of water for quite awhile until our equilibrium became back to normal. I called my parents, they were worried not hearing from us the night before and were so glad we were safe. My mom told me that my grandmother had passed away through the night and I just froze for a few minutes. Then continued to explain to my mom what happened and how it was her mom, my grandmother who somehow, someway shone a bright light for us to follow that brought us to safe land finally.

My mother continued to tell me that on the news late this morning on Lake Erie a couple had died because of the storm and were found close to their boat in the water. Wow, my heart sunk and seemed to miss a few beats and my appreciation for life compounded a thousand fold from that news.

The Changes Followed

Life became so different in the way I perceived everything that I choose to live for myself and not be enslaved to anything I did not want to. I wanted to explore and do things that I have not done before, travel, be free and independent. As time went by I started to read empowering books and then my marriage fell apart as we grew apart day by day, as did many of my old friends too. A new adventurous journey began and my life experiences since then has not stopped to evolve. No matter what the challenge is, it always becomes and opportunity to learn more about myself and evolving into more unknown. Going through that experience on the boat showed me that there is so much more to life that we can ever imagine, but it does take opening up to our IMAGINATION to know it.

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