Create Your Day Your Way

"I Create My Day" is popular from “What the Bleep” movie, it's a Ramtha teaching upon awakening to conscious awareness to giving our attention to how we want our day to be in it’s unfolding manifesting of reality.

So at the beginning of your day you can actually write out a list of how you consciously choose to want your day to be created. Instead of leaving it up to chance, which is really leaving it up to automatic past programs of how we reacted in the past to be our present days creations.

By writing it down you are giving yourself more attention, awareness and focus on the list and then throughout the day you will also be noticing if it is being created the way you want it to be or not. At anytime you can reinforce your day’s creation by giving it conscious attention and focus with expectancy.

If you have never done this before then it will take some practice, but if you have done it then you already have a memory of it and it will become easier and easier until it becomes habitual. It’s the most powerful way to start every day by knowing you are the one in control of how your day will be created.

You Always have the Choice!

You really do always have the choice to pick uplifting thoughts or downer thoughts and the powerful difference will be in what you choose, the negative or the positive. Or the love based thoughts that will trigger positive based feelings or fear based thoughts that will trigger negative feelings.

It is also a huge advantage to know as we create our day it can be from emotional addictions and that when we are aware we can insert better thoughts that create better feeling emotions.

Knowing the choice is always up to our own free will, even when it seems it is not and that is where AWARENESS comes in.

Choosing through awareness of what thoughts to give more attention and focus upon will literally also create your vibrational frequency of what you will be attracting to you.

Reminding yourself that there is no randomness or chance in creation, everything becomes to us by attraction of a similar frequency. So to not accept this is just plain old denial and means that you just are not ready yet to make that change or take that responsibility.

Since you are reading this then I know you are already desiring to step out of denial. Or just as myself, you already stepped out of denial and still have more work to do on mastering your day's creation bringing even more awareness into focus. You have come to use every negative as an opportunity to be the conscious creator and that's so empowering.

In this video from the Bleep movie, Joe Dispenza talks about how to create your day.

What Reality are You Interacting With?

Let’s just try to comprehend for a few moments by expanding our consciousness a bit more of what quantum experiments have shown and many master teachers are teaching that we do switching realities all the time. That is even more powerful because that means that we are also switching with versions of ourselves and versions of others.

So for example for me yesterday was a downer day from not being aware and taking the time to turn my thoughts around it did have the domino affect. It also seemed that everyone I interacted with was also in some kind of downer mood too. Even though at the surface when I took notice that some individuals did have some good things to say there was still some complaining in the conversations.

Yet when I am in a great higher mood, others I interact with seem to be also in a higher or better mood and less complaining and more conversation about good things.

It seems that if we are not aware and only perceive in linear momentum then that is how it appears as if it is always the same version of everyone. Yet when we expand our minds more into the possibility of the reality of infinite realities and infinite versions and ponder in that for awhile, it does seem to make more sense.

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