Emotional Addiction
can go so Unnoticed if
You are not Aware
of how and why
You are Feeling the Way you Feel

Many individuals are not aware of emotional addiction. We all know what addictions are and we know what emotions are too, but do you realize that we are addicted to our emotions?.

It will go unnoticed if we are not knowledgeable of what emotional addiction is and how it is running our behavior and life.

First let us take a closer look addiction and what starts the process to begin with. We become addicted to something by creating enough pleasure to it long enough that the brain then rewires it into something we believe we just have to have. Then it becomes habitual and an addiction.

Addiction really has gotten a bad rap because many addictions to alcohol, drugs and anything that changes our behavior in a negative way is attached with such negative beliefs. So the substance becomes the catalyst for our pleasure beyond anything else. Yet each individual’s addictions will also have many different variations of beliefs depending on what the person believes about any substance.

The addiction that we are zeroing in on for this page is emotional addiction which really is so unnoticed because of the lack of knowledge about the interconnection of what we have attached to what we think and then feel. How it’s rewired in our brain and throughout our body through peptides and through our nervous system.

A great book I read years ago even before seeing Candice Pert in the Bleep movie, is her book “Molecules of Emotion”

When we release blame and judgment to knowledge and wisdom of how we actually create emotions and any addictions in our lives, we then break through all illusions to see how it became formed and how it works. This gives us empowerment because we then can work to create new higher emotions that actually gives us infinite potential and radiate a higher vibration to everything in our life.

Many Kinds of Addiction

So we have substance addictions that everyone is aware of as drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs. Then we have addictions to food, money spending, love and so on, these addictions many are now aware of because of the publicity is has received, which in turn allows many individuals to be knowledgeable of it and work on it.

Now emotional addictions is coming to light as we are now finding out that many of our negative feelings were created the same way. So whether it is being addicted to anger, frustration or better emotional addictions to bliss, optimism and so on creates quite the difference in how our creations in our lives will be manifested. It also is what will energize other individuals of the same vibration to us as what we put out in vibration is what comes back to us.

We can deny it under the illusion that we have nothing to do with what pops into our life or realize that we are creating everything that pops into our life, negative or positive, it is still our own self that is doing the attracting of energy.

Nothing can Have Power over You
unless You Allow it to

This brings us finally to realizing that nothing can really have power over us unless we allow it to when we are aware of what is really going on. We make the choices when we become wise to what seemed in the past to just happen. We become to know that it always comes back to our own self to make those changes so that they are of the best potential for ourselves.

If we become angry and frustrated daily then through this knowledge we realize we do have a choice, though it may take some practice and work, we can change and override those old patterns of emotional addictions.

Each time we react in anger or frustration and become aware in our realization that it is an emotional addiction and change it by responding differently then in the past. This changes in the brain and the nervous system and the body cells and it changes the way our body responds to the new thoughts and feelings. Which in turn changes many illnesses and pain in our body as a result, it is what self healing is all about.

So the benefits of working on our emotional addiction being aware of our thoughts it's so amazing and will have powerful results not only in changing to creating the life we’d prefer but also creating a body that is healthy and in harmony with our better emotional feelings.

Abraham expressing about thoughts ... and feeling into what we want not what we don't want, what's active in our vibration is what we manifest, ease of alignment.

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