Love Your Desires

Do you love your desires? Just as any relationship, we give attention to it when we love and enjoy it. We nurture the relationship with affection to perpetuate it to continue to flourish and grow. It should be the same for any desire that we have and want to experience in physical, we need to nurture it too. Love your desires is giving it the attention and affection of your emotions to it, not just a few seconds a week, but many times a day. You wouldn’t ignore your animals or partner for a whole week yet we do it with many of our desires or wants.

Do you really love your desires?  Enough that you don’t have to put any effort into it?   You so naturally extend that love, affection and attention to what or who you love. You must do the same thing also for the desires you want to manifest.  You must love your desires with attention until they manifests.

Being Aware of Loving Your Desires
but Don’t Over Cook it Either

If on a daily basis we ignore our desires then we are continuously pushing them aside. When we use the analogy of our desires as food in pots on the stove, those desires will sit on a side burner on off if we are not giving them attention. Just as when we are cooking food and have four pots of food on the stove, if we have three burners on, one pot will not be cooking. We can see it the same way as our desires, and the stove burners as the love energy and whatever is in the pots as our desires.  We want our desires to be cooking, and to do that we need to love them and give them loving attention.  If we didn’t give them attention, we could also burn them as we could burn food if we left it unattended. Over cooking a desire is adding doubt, just like over cooking our food or desire, it will spoil the flavor. So being aware is giving our desires the proper elevated loving attention the desires need to manifest.

When we know our attention was sufficient, we turn the burner off, as letting go does and then we trust in knowing its cooked to its perfection. If we didn’t eat all we had cooked and prepared, we put it in the frig and warm it up when we want to eat it.   Just as whenever our desire pops into our mind, we don’t need to overcook it, just be aware and think of it as already perfected into manifestation.

Your Relationship with Your Desire

n a loving relationship, just as you love your desires, you don’t suffocate it with too much love.  We know that being over protective or possessive is not going to be of any benefit to the relationship. Under those illusions is fear, low vibrations defining beliefs of not trusting, insecurities of jealousy and trying to control it.

Just as our relationship to our desires, we can perceive it the same way. By trusting just as in any relationship is a measure of genuine love. It may take some practice as it does when we begin anything new, even a relationship when we compare relationships when we were young. It took many relationships with others and experiences to learn that trusting others and allowing others is a major root structure in relationships of all kinds. The same is true with loving your desires, you want to give it the same mature love of allowing and trusting for its manifestation. Just as a jealous partner can push a relationship to its destruction, can be the same way for our relationship for our desires too.

When we give it the genuine care that loving our desires need, and let them go in trust, and whenever they pop up in our thoughts during the day, we continue to love them, they will manifest for our experiences. Just as whenever your partner calls you during the day, if you complain every time, bit by bit it will destroy the relationship.

So when you perceive your desires as a relationship you are in, you can see the similarities and easily realize the manifesting process of creating your reality by loving your desires as you would in a loving relationship.

 You can use this video to just relax and be in the now, or use it to imagine a desire by envisioning what you'd like to experience.

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