Level of Acceptance

Your Level Of Acceptance Is The Gap of Timing
Of Your Manifestation Fulfilled

Your own level of acceptance of any practicing of any psychic abilities will be determined by your own self. It will not matter in comparison to anyone else because everyone's level of acceptance varies and is unique.

Experiments have shown when one person can do something that may have taken them a very long time to accomplish, others can also do the same thing even in shorter time. An example is the "100th monkey effect" through telepathy and collective consciousness allows others to do the same thing without ever watching another perform an action.

It will still depend on your own level of acceptance as to the timing and then the ability to experience whatever you are practicing.

Example telekinesis which is the ability to move objects with your intention and energy may take a lot of practicing time because of the level of acceptance of the individual that is practicing. Yet another individual may be able to do it in no time at all because their acceptance level does not need any convincing for the conscious thought of belief system to accept it.

This is how practicing allows the time for the ability to become experienced in physical. The practicing is also expanding your level of acceptance by opening yourself up to more of the experience. It is really a comfort zone that continues to expand to become more comfortable through each stage of the psychic practicing.

Now that experiments have shown the plasticity of our brain and how our brain does rewire new connections when we practice and experience something new that we have not experienced in the past.

It is the exercise that every brain needs to keep itself fit and in great shape. Practicing any psychic or paranormal abilities can do just that for our brain.

It is also very important even after you have experienced a psychic ability for example we can use spoon bending.

Once you experience it once, you must keep doing it for a length of time until it hard wires in your brain connection. When you are able to bend or twist the spoon easily many times, then it is hardwired in your brain. Whenever you choose to perform it at a later time, you will be able to do it with the same ease.

Years ago I did a fire walk fire walk as another practice and also broke an arrow with the softest part of my throat. I also had an OOB (out of body) experience that was so profound.

When We Believe We Can, We Keep Practicing
When We Know We Can. We Do It

Then my life took on some different paths.  Even though I continued to learn more about the nature of reality, and I did incorporate it into my daily life to continue to learn and grow. It was the bigger adventures as mentioned above that can be a highlight in our lives as amazing feedback.

The first time I experienced my first spoon twisting it reminded me that that anything is possible when you believe, but when you KNOW, you do it and it is the reality you experience. You expect it to be the manifested reality for you to experience because your level of acceptance has expanded. To feel the solid metal become like hot putty in my hands, and then bend like it was nothing. Then to experience bending it with no physical force is just so fantastic and inspired my desire to expand to practice and use more of my psychic abilities.

Communicating with other loved ones that have passed on from this reality was another ability became so easy and natural too. The same with dream premonition, which is having a dream of a future event or experience of yourself or another. Most of us all have these experiences too, but many may just leave it up to the miracles of the mysterious.

Some skeptics may wonder and assume it is from our imagination.  Even though our imagination is in the realm vibration of infinite consciousness. Anything that is psychic or paranormal meaning out of the norm conscious beliefs of reality, is from that higher vibrational frequency consciousness.

Skeptics need to experience it for themselves so they can have their own proof because it is only by experiencing anything that we become to KNOW the validity of it.

To use an example it would be similar to visiting Elvis’s home in Nashville. I have been there, and for any of you reading this that have also been there know that the experience of the energy and feelings that come from that experience is so amazing that words cannot describe it. However, for me to explain it to someone else who has not been there would be different then actually experiencing it for themselves. Just as showing you Nashville on a map is not the same experience as going to Nashville in person. This is similar to trying to explain psychic experience to a skeptic unless they experience it themselves. Or watch another perform something that seemed impossible become possible.

It is all there for us to tap into and use, and it is all a part of our stages of evolving growth to become more unlimited in our ideas of reality.   By perpetually being open and expanding ourselves with infinite thoughts our level of acceptance expands into infinite creations, we will always find our self changing and expanding in amazing ways, which creates an amazing reality.

In this video Abraham explains without time and space, manifestations are instantaneously and it's our individual perception that creates the gaps of our manifestations.

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