Our Brain Rewires Itself

Now that we have advanced in technology and are able to actually watch how our brain rewires itself when we practice and imagine ourselves doing something new.

We are doing the work inside, which seems invisible physically and our brain rewires through the process of our imagining. It hardwires the new pathways so that we can then experience it outwardly in physical reality.

Considering not too long ago it was believed that we were not able to grow new neurons. Until research, experiments and new technology was able to show us that indeed we do grow new pathways. By visualizing or imagining doing something new is the key to hardwiring the new memories.

What our Brain is Doing when we Practice and Imagine Something New

I am going to use spoon twisting as an example of doing something new. First we get the idea and then before we experience the physical reality of the idea we need to practice by imagining first.

By quieting our mind and focusing on our new idea as already being what we would be experiencing in our physical reality. Which for spoon twisting it is seeing the spoon already twisted.

We must continue to imagine it until we do it, regardless of how long it takes. “Failure is not an option” in other words as long as we do not quit or give up we will succeed. Depending on our own unique beliefs will be the only factoring level of timing, level of acceptance amount before we actually experience it in physical.

The most important key here is practicing it long enough for the rewiring of the new pathways of neurons from the imagining it first and then the new beliefs will just naturally become to support the new experience.

Then anytime you desire to perform the new experience, once it is hardwired, you can perform it anytime you desire. The memory is now hardwired for later recollecting.

In this video from Discovery we have over 100 billion neurons in our brain and connecting to 50,000 more, like an actual storm.

Plasticity of the Brain

Here is a description from Wikipedia, “Neuroplasticity (also referred to as brain plasticity, cortical plasticity or cortical re-mapping) is the changing of neurons, the organization of their networks, and their function via new experiences. This idea was first proposed in 1890 by William James in The Principles of Psychology, though the idea was largely neglected for the next fifty years.[1] The first person to use the term neural plasticity appears to have been the Polish neuroscientist Jerzy Konorski.

The brain consists of nerve cells (or "neurons") and glial cells which are interconnected, and learning may happen through change in the strength of the connections, by adding or removing connections, or by adding new cells. "Plasticity" relates to learning by adding or removing connections, or adding cells.”

A great book by Norman Doidge, MD that not only explains but also gives many examples of experiences of the brain that changes itself and years of research that has been done.

Anything becomes Possible when you Imagine it Long Enough

So then what is actually possible?

That leaves actually nothing out!

Everything is possible when we expand our mind and expand our beliefs to accept that everything and anything is possible.

Let us delve into many of the paranormal experiences and practices that many masters have been telling us from what they are able to experience.

Sai Baba is able to manifest anything in his hands within real time, instantly. Do we believe that is possible?

When you become into the knowing from your own experiences that have proven to yourself of any idea you have had that seemed impossible to you, until you were able to prove to yourself that it was possible. Once you experience the manifested reality for yourself then you know it is, no matter what it was that you desired.

These seemingly impossible manifestations are possible too, once we expand our consciousness to the reality and expand our beliefs, then we will become more comfortable with new ideas of what is possible.

This is the capability our brains do have to creating idea's that seem impossible to becoming possible for our own experience. All it takes is practicing long enough until we rewires the new pathways for us to experience it in physical.

This is a fantastic video, in depth of how physical matter is perceived by us, through our senses. Allows us to comprehend to understand the reasoning of how many individuals can experience perceiving one single thing, yet have many unique different version of the same experience when recalled.

Perception-The Reality Beyond Matter

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