Infinite Thoughts

Choosing from Infinite Thoughts
Changes the way we
Experience our Reality

Infinite thoughts is choosing from the infinite manifesting mind of all possibilities. The unlimited thinking consciousness of all that is which means that anything and everything is possible. There is no perception of linear thinking of time and space because that is breaking the infinite into linear perception of past, present and future like slides of a slide projector compared to a video.

When we choose infinite thoughts and focus into the infinite manifesting mind we are going beyond social limited thinking consciousness of mind into the beyond which is infinitely of all dimensional realities. We are in no time, no space of all possibilities that consist of dimensions that we have not even imagined yet.

Trying to grasp the Infinite is like trying to hold water in your hand because it is always in a flux of creating and manifesting from all dimensions. Especially trying to perceive it from a limited state of being mind limits it right from the get go. Even if we have expanded and evolved to comprehending it, it still will be elusive because infinite is forever. Eternal, forever or infinite is such a challenge for us to comprehend because of our physical body’s abilities. Though we are evolving to know more of the infinite manifesting mind we are still limited when we are trying to perceive it from the body perspective. So we have to go beyond the body to knowing we are eternal beings to begin with then we venture into the unknown territory into the expanding by choosing infinite thoughts that expands our mind of the eternal.

When we start to understand the concept that in the infinite manifesting mind everything is occurring instantaneously, everything is going on all at once. We may still be trying to comprehend how everything is going on at once? Especially if it is from a limited perception of linear thinking, it may constrain us. When we choose infinite thoughts we work from comprehending no beginnings or endings it will always expand our consciousness from our linear beliefs and take us into unknown mysteries to desire to know more.

This is where we our linear thoughts and beliefs become to crumble away because when we are focused in the infinite manifesting mind and are choosing infinite thoughts we are limitless and timelessly infinite. That is the reason we are able to experience what is referred to as beyond the ordinary to extraordinary, beyond the normal into paranormal, beyond what seems impossible to the norm to experiencing many seeming mysterious things as no longer a mystery for us.

All of our old definitions that label our old beliefs no longer make any sense to us because we have evolved into understanding the mystery to know. All it took for me is to experience a few OOB experiences, to look down at my body to know that I was more then what I thought I was. Or to bend metal with my energy of intention without any physical force to realize that reality is more dream like. Compared to what my physical altered personality thinking of reality had once convinced me of it being so solid and fixed.

Infinite Thoughts to Ponder
about our Dream Dimensional Reality

Just thinking about being in a dream and not awakening from it allowed me to realize how our senses can fool us into believing in the illusion of solidness when it is not. Choosing infinite thoughts allowed me to ponder about our dream dimensional reality.

I wondered how would I know the difference?

I would still be actively creating and living in my dream reality as if that was then my real physical life.

This pondering created me to evolve into showing me what death really is. Just another dimensional reality and just as real as this reality we are living presently.

In the dream state of being we are doing everything we do in the reality we went to sleep from and actually more. We can fly, transform ourselves into others or anything, the possibilities are infinite.

Now death takes on a whole other meaning for me as it did before and I realized that expanding to choosing infinite thoughts will lead us to expand and evolve further.

To realize that life really is not as we think it is compared to the linear ego personality that is limited in social consciousness compared to infinite consciousness. It is only a tiny glimpse of the whole picture of reality. Wnen we compare it to a grain of sand on a beach that extends for miles upon miles. This is similar to the infinite manifesting mind or source that is expanding with each momentum in the hologram of all that is.

It does lead us to expand into seeing that many past illusion that we perceived as mysterious becomes less mysterious, like removing a layer bit by bit. Then our physical brain the receiving unit adapts the new information by re-wiring it for the infinite programs to run for our infinite experiences. It really is when we consciously, by being aware, choose infinite thoughts that it will expand our selves to know more and more.

Our Brain

We now know that we are using less then five percent of our brain, more or less depending on how evolved our states of being is. However, we know that there is a massive percentage left that is not activated that has potential for us to use. That is what going beyond limited thoughts to infinite thoughts can lead us. When we do come to realize that infinite thoughts lead to infinite abilities that are paranormal psychic experiences and do rewire our brain to activate more of our potential for us to experience.

We change and evolve to use more or our power in each practice and experiences we have that goes beyond the ordinary ones. Then we become to naturally tune into our higher self that has always been there for us. Though it is not until we quiet the altered rational thinking so that we then get a clear signal to hear, feel or know clearly. We always know the differences, it is quite extreme just as day is to night, the higher self guidance is always a heartfelt great feeling compared to the altered personality of the demanding emotionally addictive part of us.

Infinite manifesting from the infinite mind of all possibilities will always lead us ahead of the norm leaving tracks for others to follow as collective consciousness catches up in whatever reality we are in at any present moment. This is been ongoing forever and will continue to go on forever which then leads us to unity because we come to know that we are all one piece or flavor from the ONE SOURCE of infinite manifesting mind. Just as a holograms shows us that no matter what piece we cut out of the whole of it will also be any and every piece we cut out. Each one of us is those pieces and together we make the holographic whole of the Infinite Source, the Infinite Manifesting Mind. We then see through all the illusions especially the one that dictates our experiences to be seen as separate from everyone and thing.

So consciously choosing from infinite thoughts and ideas from the infinite manifesting source leads us to evolve blissfully as we go.

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