Meanings To Fit My Sovereignty

Meanings to fit My sovereignty is the only way to go when you have come to the absolute realization that it is always up to ourselves.  It has always been up to ourselves but we forgot when we lived out programs and beliefs in what we were hypnotized to believe.  

Now that we know from enough experiences that it really is all up to our own selves.  We gained our awesome divine power back to use in the direction and way that is of our ultimate best outcomes, moment to moment.  I began doing that by exchanging old ideas and beliefs to give new meanings to fit my sovereignty.  You will give your own meanings to fit your own sovereignty to be in alignment with your wish fulfilled results.

Being self aware and noticing all the constant thoughts that pop up that no longer belong to the master of sovereignty that we are.  It does not matter where it came from, or how we have lived up to this moment, because all that matters is what we are being and living from now.  Now is always the moment of power because we are recreating reality moment to moment. 

New Ideas & Information Pop Up to Continue our Sovereignty

As I have referred to and mentioned on other pages as Medical Myths and Being the Master and many other webpages that I already had a trajectory of beyond the norm ideas and beliefs going on for a long time.  I then began to notice how new information of possibilities began to pop up to confirm the beyond the norm beliefs and reestablish my belief in myself, even when others cannot stretch that far.  I knew through past experiences that whenever I changed something to mean something different, that was a super power in itself because I gave different meanings to fit my sovereignty.

For me it was not even a challenge of dropping old ideas and beliefs.  It was instantly that the intuition just said, yes this is it, it all makes more sense than ever.  I so easily with no effort whatsoever was able to just jump to the new ideas that literally filled in and gave a whole new meaning that fit into my sovereign potential of becoming the new reality to unfold and live.

Asking Ourselves Is this Loving for Me

I love what Joe Dispenza has mentioned many times when we are breaking through old barriers, memories of programming.  To ask if this is loving for ourself.  When we become aware enough to notice, and stop to ask ourselves this question, we will so clearly see that many of the thoughts and beliefs were not loving for ourselves.

No matter what you are doing, to stop and notice if the thoughts you are thinking are loving for you, to notice enough times so that you begin to really know what does belong and what does not belong for the New You Personality. 

A List of Some New Meanings
to Fit My Sovereignty

Though I am mentioning again some from other recent webpages.  I do feel repetition may be profound if you have not caught on yet to change and interpreting them differently.

The medical myths is very important to remember that cancer is not what the medical system has interpreted and gave their meaning for it to be.  It is instead the first stage of healing, after that, the second stage of complete healing happens unless the old trauma is triggered.  Just letting the body do what it has been naturally designed to do, heal, repair to survive.

Stress for over 30 decades has been a force that I used to get me to go beyond into more power and never created an illness for me in the past.  It was almost like I forgot to trust myself versus so much information that was going on about stress being something that created disharmony in the body and disease.  I only began to buy into that until I remembered that was not what I experienced for decades, and that I had to go back to the meaning I gave it before being brainwashed about stress being harmful, when it has always been a wonderful force to push me more beyond and always gave me more energy to push forward in a excited way, to get through any challenge.

In the video below Andrew Huberman discusses the importance of stress that leads us to keep going.  Also that the norm way of expecting and experiencing dopamine releases only when we have successfully accomplished something.  We can create to activate dopamine bursts along the journey of our goals and desires fulfilled that rewards us as accomplishment to keep going and give more focus to continue to activate dopamine bursts along the way.  

It does not matter what we eat or drink, it is what we THINK, the attitude we have when we eat or drink.  Again from too much information that can actually detour us from what we already lived and believe and then change it because some other supposedly authority tells us something different.  I had to do the same thing as I did with stress.  I had to go back to my previous ideas that worked for me in the past that nothing matters but what we think, and give meaning to what we eat or believe.  

In the video titled your higher self wants you to see this, on the webpage being the master, Joseph Murphy discusses about some people in Russia that are over a 100 years old up to 155 years old that have no ideas about nutrition and all the false ideas most have believed in.  A 135 year old women smokes over two packs of cigarettes a day, and drinks vodka and eats whatever she wants, and still many of them do hard work in the fields. 

We Give Meaning to Everything

Since we give meaning to everything because everything is Neutral, without any meaning until we either unconsciously through default programming keep old ideas of meanings for everything.  Or we consciously create the best potential meanings for everything means, we really can make it all up to what we prefer for everything to have the highest and most potential meaning for our experiences.  Below I found these ideas to be beneficial in giving me fast guiding measures of when I have changed and to expect my wishes fulfilled.

Tom Kearin from youtube channel Be Something Wonderful reminds us of a profound statement from the Solaris movie, there are no questions or answers or problems or solutions, there are only CHOICES.  Choices that we make in the present moment as we are always recreating reality depending upon what we are putting the most attention upon.

Seth said that every moment we are recreating reality, so every moment is always the most powerful moment.  So we can continually pick our wishes fulfilled every moment and create the momentum that it manifests to be created in our experiences.  Also by continuing to ignore any chatter that does not belong to our wishes fulfilled, and continually replace with I Am whatever the wish is we want fulfilled or to be of the New Identity.

Neville Goddard reminds us when the first thing that comes up in our inner Self Talk matches our wishes fulfilled, it is done, we will experience it soon.

Neville also said whether for ourselves or another and we hear, see or experience what we do not want, or what another is saying that they do not want, to revise in our own mind what we prefer to experience, hear or see it as we prefer, and when it produces a smile, or relief or any elevated emotion, then it is done.  The revision we did produced a automatic natural feeling, and we experienced the wonderful response in our feeling of it, so it is done.

Joe Dispenza said that when we become bored with our mental rehearsals, that it is a wonderful sign to keep going and expect it to manifest because the boredom is a sign to show us that the preferred vision has become more familiar subconsciously, and is becoming second nature, natural and will be experienced soon. 

Bashar explained, how do we know if we have actually changed, we will know that we have changed when we respond differently compared to the old past way we usually respond to circumstances or people in our lives.  

Emotions are not Stored in the Body  

Wow!  Another belief many of us bought into along the way, especially if we now interpret reality and our bodies as an avatar to the Real Self.  I love what Rob says as a reminder in the video below at 3.38,  that any emotion you feel is happening right in the moment from thoughts we are thinking about.  Which points us back to the Power of the Present Now Moment. 

In every moment is our powerful opportunity to pick thoughts consciously of how we want to be feeling until it becomes the automatic natural feelings regardless of whatever is going on.  Even if we feel something, not to judge it, just feel it and let it go unless you want more of it.

The One True Self First

It is so important to remind ourselves to trust our own Self, and to also give the best meanings to everything so that we can be the master of our reality with everything. 

Giving meaning to fit my sovereignty is the number one best thing I can always do for myself and is something that you can do for yourself too.  Only the meanings that is in alignment with what you want in life to experiences.  Instantly drop any meanings that no longer fit in with you now and your desired future is the only way to live the way you want, not what anyone else thinks and believes.

Tom Campbell reminds us when he stated that if we had no beliefs that we had to do something to heal ourselves or others or for any intent or desire, we would say the command and it would be done, just like a snap of the fingers.  Walla.

Yourself first and then your cup runneth over for others.                     This is so powerful when we think of the story of the importance of saving yourself first being the example of being on boat and putting on a life jacket first.  Once you have the life jacket on, you can then save many others that do not have life jackets.  We do not need to sacrifice our self in any way as long as we stay true to ourselves, then we can have the life jacket on and just be there for others without anything but love and joy for others and all the experiences.  A great short video about that is below.

Trust & Believe in Yourself

The more feedback of proof you see from trusting and believing in yourself will give you more power to actually know and see where the power and the experiences of reality is coming from.  You!  Yourself!  It will always be yourself because for one thing you can never deny that you are the one who is always showing up where you show up in all of your realities, experiences, dreams and memories of realities.

Realizing to knowing that everything is Neutral originally is enough to give us the realization that we can give meaning to anything and everything.  And when I do that, give meanings that fit my sovereignty, meanings that fit your sovereignty, life becomes so easy and effortlessly unfolding into desires being fulfilled. 

Just stay aware to watch and notice anything that shows up that no longer supports the sovereignty master of you.  Then change it instantly to be in the alignment with you the creator (true divine self) you are.  Whenever you change a meaning to be in the alignment of your wishes fulfilled, you are showing others also that this is the power that changes everything just from others watching to see the proof.  From doing this often enough, you will have created a Divine Infinite Habit, the best habit there could ever be.

Watch this short clip and see how easily what we hear is dependent on either suggestions and how we interpret it.  

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