Everything Is Neutral

What if you Perceived Everything as Neutral?
With no Meaning in Anything except the
Meaning we give it?

Bashar’s teachings of "neutral meaning" “Nothing has any built in meaning” except the meanings we give it was so profound for me because it removed myself from so many old beliefs and programs. Which I am quite sure is the same for you if you have already came upon this wisdom.

Neutral meaning releases us from so many old programs, old beliefs that have been valued and sustained throughout history. Those old beliefs that are limiting and had so many judgments and illusions.  Just pondering the idea for awhile felt so uplifting as it removed barriers and blocks of what truth really is. It comes down to ... truth is only as valid as the thoughts we choose to put value into it.

Neutral meaning is such a liberating concept that resonated to my heart and soul, making so much sense even as I still repeat it to myself anytime I need the reminder, “Nothing has any built in meaning” but the meaning we give it, everything really is neutral. And each one of us can give any different meaning to anything whenever we so choose to.

It also reminds me of a teaching from Elias I learned years ago, “Nothing Matters” which is the same concept, everything is neutral, nothing matters because nothing is really true or has meaning except the meaning we give it.

We have Infinite Freedom to Choose, Which Releases so Many Subconscious
Programming almost Instantly

You know the subconscious old programs that store over 95% of the many limited beliefs of recordings. Well this wisdom of knowledge that everything is neutral wipes away or overrides so many of them in the quickest time.

So what is left to really believe in?

If you already know Bashar’s teachings of Creation’s Law.  It's such a great reminder because saying f **k it to everything that’s neutral and meaningless anyway does not mean we can just think and act negatively either. Especially when what we put out comes back to us, and the science of quantum physics has already proven that everything is energy including us, so it takes care of any recklessness in regards to pure love.

Quoted from Bashar,
“The 4 Laws of Creation
1. We exist in one form or another
2. One is all and all is one
3. What we put out we get back
4. Change is Constant except for the first 3 laws”

For yourself and I know for me this resonated more then anything I ever heard, resonated with my heart, my soul, my higher self, making so much sense. In 4 laws everything that actually needs to be included so simply is and takes care of everything that is really important.

The Reason F**k it! Is coming up more
and more often!

It became popular in the movie, “What the F**k (Bleep) do We Know" and now with John Parkin’s seminar John Parkin's seminar F**k it!

I know for years I used to say it and I am sure most of us have, however to create it into a seminar, what a fantastic idea that evolved so naturally for John Parkin, you can read in his article from the link.

It's all about breaking apart all of the old paradigm, old suppose to be, say and do's and instead be our natural self. Just as swearing is defined to be negative with many attachments that others have given definitions and meaning. Swear words just as any other valued belief is a word that has attached meaning already to it and by creating a positive meaning to it, or keep it with no meaning whatsoever, we then change the perception.

To go beyond and be more creative we can create new words for new feelings we may have that do not have any definition because we are creating them and attaching our unique meanings.

It’s all revolving from the same thing, “Nothing Matters” and “nothing has built in meaning” “beliefs are just thoughts” “f **k it”, all these statements are expanding us to evolve to our most natural higher self which is the neutral infinite creator we real-ly are!

Creating us to see the light, so to speak, that we give meaning to everything and this gives us more power then ever in humanity’s history.

Knowing we are the empowered beings once we override all the old subconscious programs of beliefs. This becomes easier to do when we stop valuing all the old limiting beliefs or subconscious programs that no longer make sense to this new wisdom.

We are so creative and powerful, quoted from Abraham, “that we can choose bondage” if we want, which is so unconsciously subconscious that we even do that.

So f **k it all!

Relieve all your stress which we know affects our body’s natural harmony by saying f **k it when all hell is breaking loose.

Or when we get to the points where we are putting too much focus and attention on the things we don’t want that is creating what we don’t want. For the very reason to even say “who cares” because we are the powerful unconscious ones that have been putting all the meaning into everything anyway.

In this video listen to how Bashar explains that “nothing has any built in meaning” except the meaning we give it.  And next time you get all serious and stressed out remember energy is energy, put your attention on what you do want instead. And say f **k it to it all!

Bashar :: Writing Your Life Story - Highights from BasharCommunications on Vimeo.

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