as an
Altered Personality State of Being

PMS for many of us, myself included, so I will speak of my own experiences of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. I have heard that research has found that some men seem also go through similar types of altered behaviors of it too. My own experiences was very dramatic of symptoms for years until I realized I was creating it all and even then it took me awhile before I really worked on it.

Most of my month was that everything would be quite okay, happily going along, maybe a few dips in emotional changes that were easy to get out of and then I would notice my moods altering to such an extent I would become miserable, angry, feeling so hopeless and mostly like giving up. My self esteem would take such a dive where all confidence seemed to have disappeared. My mate would call me a “bitch” and I seemed to lack any compassion because I was too stuck in the victim mentality of “poor me” of the duration of the premenstrual syndrome that would last a minimum of about a week. It seemed to always take me over and by the time I was right into it everything I would try to get me out of it was only temporary. Anything I was going through in challenges seem to also magnify and created the symptoms to worsen. It became so draining of my energy that sleep seemed to be my best pacifier.

Feeling like a Different Person with Different Body Symptoms to Match

I literally felt like a different person, during PMS, similar to MPD as another individual with different body affects too. During PMS there were certain foods that would affect me differently when I wasn’t going through PMS. Even my teeth would feel loose and I would get migraines. I am mentioning all of this in case you also are or have gone through similar symptoms and body changes. People with multiple personality disorder goes through similar experiences except many of them don’t remember when they are the other person, or personality. With PMS we are aware however have quite the challenge to change it when it becomes full blown until our period is over.

I became to notice through hindsight that my PMS beliefs started around the same time I began to immerse myself into the studying of “the nature of reality” over two decades ago. Firstly I realized that I bought into this PMS idea from different people who were talking and explaining about it in the media. I never heard of it before and never had any symptoms either. At the time not realizing how I create reality, I was literally buying into the idea and then the symptoms began to form and a new low vibrational personality was forming and grew into worse and worse symptoms.

This also applies to males too! They most probably picked up the information or symptom behaviors from the media and or their female partners. It can happen so easily without awareness just by being involved in another’s mood changes or allowing yourself to believe the media from research that is limited when it comes to the nature of reality.

Knowledge and Awareness Creates Changes

Even though I had the knowledge of how premenstrual syndrome is created I didn’t do any work on it until just a couple of years ago because I was working on so many other things that I procrastinated with dissolving my PMS beliefs. Once I started working on it I was amazed just how stubborn those beliefs were and it took consistent work to create new beliefs to override the old ones that have all the attach memories that went with the old belief. When I went through menopause it seemed to trigger the old beliefs again and I had more work to do. I did all this without any medication, not seeing any doctor, as I don’t have one. I did it all by working on my thoughts consistently until I experienced the changes long enough until I knew my beliefs were different and supporting the new reality I wanted, which was the reality I had over 20 years ago before I bought into the media suggestions.

This was a great learning experience for me, along with all experience that we go through of all our contrast of what we don’t want to create what we do want will always show us proof of really how powerful we are in creating reality until it becomes natural and easy.

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