Powerful Purpose in Your Challenges

Transforming Energy of Words is one Powerful Purpose to be Beneficial in Manifesting what You Want

Verbal Words we Use are Energy

Before we dive into what your powerful purpose is in any challenges you are going through, let’s take a closer look at what beliefs may be attached to some words that define your idea’s of the words you use most often. I am quite sure by now you have already realized and transformed your perception, attitudes and beliefs of problems into challenges. If you have not, then this realization is this first step to change or transform your energy of what is attached to your beliefs. Once you perceive problems as challenges they become to hold less heaviness and negativity that perceiving problems contain as energy. Though challenges are a step up, so to speak, it’s still empowering to realize that even challenges can have a lower vibration which is still attached with negative energy depending on our own beliefs.

If challenges still hold a lower vibration in your beliefs then what is actually being picked up in the tuning process is the belief that whatever you are going through is hard, not really possible or going to take a lot of work to get past your challenges. That is not the energy of vibration we want to continue with for any want or desires to manifest.

To get beyond the energy of problems transformed to challenges we still need to transform our challenges to see what our powerful purpose may be because the answers of many questions will be in our purpose that is contained in our challenges to begin with. When we stop using the words problems, challenges and raise the words to higher vibrations as infinite words do expands into our powerful purpose so we can then perceive problems and challenges with a purpose. The feedback it shows you is that by continuing to use problem and challenges to define your idea’s of reality, will also be more of the reality you will be creating.

Are you getting a WALA moment? I hope so! If not you will! Or maybe you already have figured this out, then congrats to you, big time, because that’s what is needed to get to the next level of higher vibrations.

Reminding yourself that words do matter, they are the end result of your beliefs to show you your own feedback. It’s so powerful to change the words you use regularly so that you are in a state of being of your most powerful potentials when it comes to manifesting what you want.

So when we really get it we then realize how important it is to change our use of words. No more seeing things or speaking of our problems or challenges because we have NOW transformed that old energy and are using words as Powerful Purpose instead.

For example let’s say you have financial problems or challenges right now for many it’s so automatic to think and talk about the challenge, and that keeps the problem of challenge to continue to create more problems or challenges. Instead whenever you talk or think about them, think or say, “I have a powerful purpose right now!” Do you feel the difference in how your emotions transforms into feelings of higher vibrations? And that is what will change to create the reality you prefer.

So the purpose of your challenge is the realization that lead you to know this information and change your words to higher vibrational words for creating in higher vibrations. Without finding and working on the purpose you would become stuck in the problem and challenges.

Your Challenges Hold the Greatest Powerful Purpose Right Now

Now that we have taken our challenges to the next level, going beyond and transformed it into what may be our greatest powerful purpose and that purpose may also be exactly what is needed to realize your guidance from your infinite self. That guidance may also be exactly what is needed to manifest your desires if we take a look at it from the future by using our imagination or mental visioning.

You can do this right now, a simple exercise, are you ready?

Whatever your challenge, just think about it…now think and envision it as the challenge you’re having is resolved, whatever excitedly first comes to mind go with that! Now you are seeing it from the end and working from the end backwards.

Do you see your resolved situation already accomplished? When you do and now by looking backwards you will see that the challenges that you were going through was exactly what you needed to begin with.

Without that challenge you would not resolve it. Since you have done it mentally, now you can insert it by giving it more and more attention throughout your day. Because you know that eventually, depending on how much energy and emotion you give your vision resolved will be how quickly it will manifest in physical for you.

This is how you transform all challenges to see the silver lining of the powerful purpose it has for you. Every single challenge you have is lined or contains a powerful purpose and the challenge is only a stepping stone to your manifestation.

Our You Still Getting Stuck in Your Challenges

If you find that you have become stuck in your challenges then becoming aware that you are stuck of course is the first step to getting unstuck. When you realize you have become stuck, all it takes is realizing what powerful purpose it holds and that powerful purpose is the fuel, the leverage to pull you out of it. Realizing your powerful purpose will lift you up high enough to see all that was going on that was holding you back.

Things like forgetting throughout the day, not being aware of the words you are using, the thoughts you’ve been focusing upon, the visions you’ve been entertaining, they are all energy that has been adding to your energy that is creating. So for the first few weeks it does take reminding yourself and practicing changing your words that will change your energy from seeing any challenge as dead end. It will lift you up to see the detours so you can fly past them all.

Realizing Our Purpose in Challenges to Use our Psychic Abilities

Could it be that many of the challenges we are going through has such a silver lining of purpose that we may just need to be reminded of it. Maybe we planned these challenges so that we would remember when we birthed back into physical reality to overcome the challenges not the old way but in new sovereign ways, empowering ways as the psychic abilities psychic abilities would allow us to do.

Some examples that I have used psychic abilities for … if I have not heard from someone in awhile, I will remote view to check if everything is okay and many times through hind sight, after hearing from the person I found I was right on.

If we there is something I want to resolve but the answer doesn’t seem to come to me then before going to sleep I affirm the suggestion to myself and also to remember my dreams, and many times the answers comes through my dreams.

Of course the major one for most of us on this evolving journey and the reason you are reading this is because it’s the path that has the greatest passion. If it is, then all the challenges have a great purpose of enfolding you to the urging and using your powerful abilities. Letting go of the old ways so that life can then become easier and simpler then the old ways.

Like manifesting without big gaps in time and space, to be able to manifest instantaneously would surely make life so much simpler and easier. Or using telekinesis to turning a light off after getting so cozy in bed and then remembering you forgot to turn a light off. You could just think it off. I believe this is what our future will evolve into eventually the more the collective open up to psychic abilities as normal.

So when your are going through any challenges, think of them with this in mind and then allow your mind to expand into what your powerful purpose really is?

Your Purpose As Special Features on a Movie DVD

I love watching the special features on DVD’s because they show us what is going on behind the scenes of the movie or whatever it is you are watching and remember if you are watching you are involved because you are the observer affecting your reality just by watching.

If we used special features as our powerful purpose we can clearly see the similarity of the two. Using the analogy of the movie as our challenges and the special features as our powerful purpose we can then see the behind the scene’s of what is going on.

The only difference is when we watch a movie we watch the movie first and the special features last because we want to enjoy what is still unknown to us. In creating our reality the advantage of watching our special features first is that we can be the writers of our movie and create many possible end results. Then pick the one that has the most passion and excitement for us and go with that one.

Now we have our movie as our challenges, our special features as our powerful purpose, envision our purpose first so that we then know our purpose for our challenges and then put all of our focus and energy into our powerful purpose. No more focusing on the challenge because the challenge was only there as a step to get to our purpose. Focusing on our purpose will keep us on track and keep us aligned with our desire already manifested.

Your movie is done, you’ve put on the energy into it now you let go, trusting by knowing and expecting it will be done, it will be your experience in physical.

A Present Synchronicity

After writing this webpage I desired to find a video to add to it and the thought "Pleiades" popped into my mind. I remembered years ago that I read about the Pleiade's teachings and resonated with it.

So I checked youtube and found this teaching, Barbara Marciniak and the Pleiades and what amazed me is that I picked and listened to part 8 which is the video I choose for you to check out if you have not seen this one. And part 8 said exactly what I intended to get across in this page about purpose in challenges. So it was not the other way around that I watched the video and then used it, I wrote the page and then found the video and it was the first one I picked out of over 18 part video's.

It showed me synchronicity and I am sharing my experience right now because synch occurs all of the time, but if we are not aware it will go unnoticed. Noticing is what empowers us to be able to perceive the connections of our thoughts and how it energizes to tune into a synchronistic connections.

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