Stars in the Dark Night Sky can
Reveal Infinite Realities

What can the stars, planets and galaxies that are sparkling and shining so bright reveal to us about reality when we allow our consciousness to expand? A couple decades ago I read this information from a Seth, Jane Roberts book, “The Seth Material” and since then it has changed how I look upon the night sky.

Quoted from The Seth Material, “This vast void, this infinite mind, came out of another that was greater than itself. The possibilities that have come to reality within this universal system have each given birth to other systems and realities, as one tree bears a thousand seeds. You, yourselves, through your own mental actions, create realities of which you are unaware, and you give birth to more than physical children.”

“You do not understand the dimensions into which your own thoughts drop, for they continue their own existence, and others look up to them and view them like stars. I am telling you that your own thoughts and mental actions appear to the inhabitants of other systems like the stars and planets within your own and those inhabitants do not perceive what lies within and behind the stars in their own heavens. Though they probe their own universe, they will not wander into your reality. They will only perceive the shape and form that your own mental acts- thoughts and dreams - take within their own system. You are not just receivers, you are also givers. As your own universe was formed by entities that you do not presently understand, so the discards of your own consciousness form realities for entities that are scarcely aware of your existence. In this abundance nothing is meaningless nor wasted.”

Looking Beyond Illusions does take Expanding our Beliefs about Reality

My understanding of what Seth is saying is that the stars, planets, galaxies in the dark sky that we look upon in magnificent wonders and beauty are like a magnetic field, electrical pulsations blinking off and on of other infinite dimensional realities. Maybe like an infinite brain just as the brain of an individual presently is observed through technology and brain mapping as they do with MRI that show all the areas lit up.

If everyone’s thoughts go on and create other realities, that in itself is so mind expanding to ponder , but then so is just trying to comprehend the infinite of forever with the beliefs we presently have about linear time and space.  100 billion stars to our galaxy and with the new discovery that astronomers have found over 160 billion earth like planets, and that is just a estimate, it’s probably a small fraction of a estimate. More and more evidence is supporting the multiverse, multidimensional theories.

Hubble Images

Are we Multidimensional Beings?

Seth perpetually mentions that we are all multidimensional beings but so focused in linear physical reality aligned with our beliefs that it’s a challenge to expand to understand the wisdom of how multiple we really are in our nature. He also states that our oversoul, or Infinite Self is not bogged down with all this linear separations and goes beyond and is aware of it all. This is the reason of the importance of evolving for us to go beyond and constantly evolve by opening our connection to infinite entities, infinite spirits, that can now be found on cameras and infinite wisdom.

Our limited ego personalities and beliefs are just like a tiny speck not even peaking out of the door of perception compared to the infinite realities and beings we really are. So we step so slowing peaking a bit at a time to know more about what is unknown still for us. Yet this is what’s so exciting for us on the leading edge to learn and know as much as we can handle to continue to evolve to know more.

Light Time Travel

Now that it's been discovered that our Universe is expanding and also accelerating could also be one reason that we are also experiencing time to go by so fast? Could it be that the Earth's collective vibration is of a higher frequency too? Thinning the veil of what was once unavailable or invisible to be more easily perceived and retrieved of more information?

All master teachings state that our linear perception of time is really an illusion, fragments of past and future in this now through our perception. When we go beyond that illusion of what may be really going on, that everything is going on all at once. Again we are expanding into the doorways of wisdom peaking into the ongoing infinite realities.

Is it possible that maybe what we linearly perceive as infinite could really be finite to the Infinite All That Is Creator? When we choose thoughts from infinite consciousness and the teaching 'if we can think it then it already exist' may give us more clues? Leaving us so much to ponder upon while our brain rewires for the new information to be circuited to comprehend, bit by bit for the ability to understand a bit more.

Deep Universe-Hubble’s Universe Unfiltered and Light Travel Time.

Advanced beings and sensitives see this field as a stars in night sky, it puts many pieces together of what is really what we are looking upon in the night sky.

This new knowledge allows us to expand in consciousness to realize more than we thought we knew in our past and simultaneously continue to imagine what’s beyond those twinkling bright lights that are shining wisdom for us to know. Maybe like a infinite brain sparking it’s currents as shining stars in the dark night sky.

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