Brain, Mind and Body Knowledge to Inspire and Empower

The More we Know the More Powerful we can Be

The more knowledge we learn the more inspired we will be to create what we want.

These video's do just that by knowing through experiments we can take the knowledge and transform it into our own experiences for our own proof and feedback of how we do affect our reality as the observer, to know for our self. We can transform our life and body to sustained health and well being. Our thoughts trigger our feelings which affect our brain and body's natural self healing.

Gregg Braden's "The Spontaneous Healing of Belief" explaining how everything is consciousness and affects everything through our beliefs.

Dr. Joe Dispenza's from the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know" fabulous interview from the movie of him explaining about the brain's hardwiring and the quantum physic observer effect and also creating our day.

Dr. Bruce Lipton's seminar Part 1 out of 7 - Biology of Perception, how our beliefs create the programs of our DNA... and we can change it.

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