Wanting into Already Fulfilled

Dropping wanting into already fulfilled is very profoundly powerful once we really get it. I love the example that Tom Kearin gave about tickets to a concert.  We always come across simple ideas that logically make sense however, when we really get it, and get that Aha moment that we really got it, understand it, it does change how we understand it.

Toms video below inspired me to write this webpage on dropping wanting into Already Fulfilled.

Is Continually Wanting Detouring You?

I can see so clearly how wanting can stir up doubt and timing of when etc... when desiring what we do want which can stir or trigger so many opposite thoughts, emotions and scenarios that do not align with already fulfilled.  When I want something I do feel as if I do not have it compared to KNOWING it is on its way.  

Developing the trust and belief in our self seems to come and go depending on what we believe as true of how big or small the desire is.  Yet we do know that the universe says yes to everything, and we do seem to notice that we do eventually get what we do focus upon too. 

Trust in ourselves builds as we experience to see more and more evidence of our wants and desires fulfilled throughout our journey to expecting more and more of what we are doing that creates the proof.  Then unfolds to total and absolute trust in valuing and honoring ourselves for who we truly are and the power that has always been available so naturally.

Wanting does Drop Away when the Knowing our Wishes Fulfilled is on its way

Wanting is how it begins, as wanting is from a desire to have, be or experience reality that you decide and pick from infinite possibilities.  We have heard throughout so many teachings that wanting may detour us from having what we want.  Yet I have seen many people that still stay in want and do get what they wanted too, so maybe their knowing of having it was stronger than their wants.  So again we do not want to create another story to believe as a truth if it is not in alignment with our own chosen stories.

I also realize that we do put meaning to everything and most ideas are from past wisdom teachings, however, since I do realize this and I also realize that if something resonates, and I have no need to change some idea I adopted, I can also go with it too.

When I heard Tom give the example of the concert tickets the big AHA moment came to realize how much sense it does make for me.  

An example that just popped into my mind is in February of this year I checked my lottery tickets and my app stated winner $5728.00,  matching 6 numbers on my max ticket.  I became so excited because in the past few years I have matched numerous and consistently free tickets, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, 20.00 over and over and over and many times winning tickets would total close or over $100.00 for draws.  I also matched 5 numbers and won $500.00 too.  I do seem to have a pattern with the number 5.  

As I was listening to Toms example and really got it, and then the understanding of when I won and called the OLG lottery office and made an appointment to collect my money, I had to wait two weeks.  I always wanted and also imagined going to the lottery office and picking up a big check, so I was excited to go to the office instead of getting it through their website on line.  Now I know what OLG looks like and how it works which gives me more when I imagine a bigger jackpot win.

The waiting two weeks to go to the appointment is similar to the waiting in Toms example of the concert tickets.  I knew I won.  I knew I was going to get my money in two weeks, so I did not want it anymore, I was already fulfilled. I was exciting to go to the lottery center to pick up my money and what I was going to do with it.  So dropping wanting into already fulfilled was so natural and easy to do because I knew it was on the way, I would be receiving my money.

Creating a New Delivery Time
for Desires Fulfilled

Shopping with Amazon is a perfect example of us creating a new delivery time for desires fulfilled or manifested into creation.  Whenever we want something, many of us go on line to Amazon to browse what we are looking for to purchase.  When we find what we want, we add it to our cart and then we pay in advance for it.  We have the absolute knowing, and trust and faith is already embedded within that knowing because they offer guaranteed two day shipping.  In the past we have an expected acceptance of knowing it will be delivered to our door on the second day.  

All we do after ordering whatever it was is go about our day and may have some good feeling of anticipation on the waiting for it to be delivered with knowing it will be here.  During that day of arrival they also usually give us a window of time to expect it too.  All of this is so naturally accepted because of the memories that formed of it always occurring this way with Amazon.  There is no doubt or fears of not getting it because we have built a memory of always expecting our item to be delivered and on time.

Using this amazon analogy is so similar to putting in our order to what we want to manifest from the infinite possibilities in the Source Field.  We have a desire and it also does not matter how big or the size, or out of the norm the desire is, we picked it and we can do it the same way as ordering from amazon.  So instead of just waiting endlessly for big desires to manifest, we can create a new story with our desires to manifest and give it specific timing. 

Everything seems to need some specific time or scheduling in this reality and we have been just leaving up in the air instead of taking all our power back and creating our own timing.

New Story on Big Desires to Be
Delivered or Manifested 

I am creating the New Story that my desires manifest in two days, just as Amazon guarantees two day delivery.  When we know that we do make everything up, and it is always dependent upon ourselves to make up the most potential ideas to our highest potentials, then lets go all in with this. 

With some Amazon orders from third party vendors the timing may be a week or more.  In that case if we think our biggest out of the norm desires may take a bit longer, then we can create a (delivery) manifesting time of a week or two. 

It really is all dependent on yourself to create specific timing for desires.  We all know the universe says yes to everything and that there really is nothing big or small to the universal information of creation.  It is always ourselves who mostly subconsciously create limits or timings.

Experiment with Creating Manifesting Time of Its Delivery

Let us experiment with a desire to give it a delivery time.  Two day delivery is what I am creating for my bigger desires.  But for smaller desires I do it in the Right Now powerful moment.   

So when I create a guaranteed (delivery) manifesting time for my desire to be fulfilled of two days, then I am also creating a new memory that will form into expectation and acceptance that will create it to become that way.  Just as it has for Amazon ordering and delivering.

After enough feedback of enough two day manifestations it will become automatic to expect it, just as we do with amazon.  And for some rare reason which has only happened a couple times with amazon, there was a day delay.  I just accept it because it is rare and I still know it will be delivered.  Just as if some big desire was delayed by a day or so.  We let it go and do not pay attention to it when we have enough evidence and successful two day (delivery) manifestation of desire fulfilled. 

Dropping Wanting into Already Fulfilled 
is Easier to Accept Now

It now feels so easy to just drop wanting into already fulfilled and go to, and be in, and feel already fulfilled when I know it is coming, whatever my desire is.  I can now just sit so confidently in the knowing that it is on its way just as we know when ordering from Amazon.  This also triggers the thoughts and feelings of more mind steaming of better and greater more amazing thoughts and feelings that so easily and naturally stream to expanding more to the wish fulfilled and to more even greater visions and ideas. 

It really is a win win way of using the mind and stories to expand on desires fulfilled longer and with more confidence and being convinced, while feeling empowered and love feelings more and more throughout the day.

Creating Your Own Timing for Manifestations

Share your experiences with creating delivery timing for your desires to be fulfilled or manifested.

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