Evolving to Sovereignty

Sovereignty is our Birth Rite and Our Evolution of our Present and Future

Sovereignty in our past of humanity was only reserved for a small percentage of the elite, leaving the rest of us believing to be enslaved and disempowered from our true divine sovereign self.

This has changed thanks to so many great leading edge sovereignty evolving leaders who have been the catalyst that we resonated with, because it is our divine heritage encoded within us.

Our planet has been enslaved to past history of genetics of the automatic programs that have been dictating our beliefs and lives of the thoughts and ideas that we must follow.

Listening in obedience to what we are told by the media, government and anyone else who is in some kind of authority above us. Under the illusion that everyone else knows more then we do left us not only with low self esteem, but also triggering the same old memories of undeservingness triggered from fear.

The reason many of us are now leaving the old system behind, the old limiting beliefs and values that have disempowered humanity from knowledge and wisdom for too long. For the very reasons that something just resonated with our hearts that we are much much more then what they were telling us. Which is bringing our own personal sovereignty as aware creators back to empower our selves.

The old ways have been losing it’s balance with fear tipping the scale and evolving in shifting to love to balance the vibrational scale.

In the past it was leaked through from a very few individuals through time. It is now starting to explode because more and more sovereign beings are leading us into owning our own self by sharing their wisdom through their knowledge and experiences through their own evolution.

Evolutionary Leaders Gain Momentum as We Collectively Expand as We Shift into our Future

Whether we attend the event or connect on line, or just add our unified thoughts of what the event is all about, is all a way to expand into our collective consciousness and keep the momentum of the unified shift expanding. We are then creating the future reality we prefer by this focusing and by our intentions together, we all make a difference.

Individually as we interact in any way with our intentions to unify and collectively together energize our shifting world to creating it to be the most loving, unconditional accepting, allowing and empowering each of us to own our own self. This means to become to evolve to our own sovereignty. The more we know, the more we grow and expand, and the more we realize that we are all connected in the most energetic level under all illusion.

In this video you will see some of these evolving leaders speak about the event on August 31, 2010.

Evolutionary Leaders Video

Time and Space without Linear Perception

So whether you are reading this page before the event, or during the event, or even years after the event, knowing that there is no linear time of past or future in the infinite mind of source allows us to still make a difference.

This means that even if you are reading this page 10 years from now that I am writing it, you are still expanding your focus of energy, your intentions into this event, even if it’s of the past for you.

This is how amazing reality really is!

When we move our self into the infinite mind of everything, as remote viewing does, you are always creating a shift, a difference in reality.

When it is deliberate through awareness of your intention, and attention in the most unified and loving ways, you have helped and made a great shift not only for your own self in a sovereignty way, but for all as you collectively add to consciousness.

In this video Gregg Braden talks about our connection through our heart feeling and magnetic fields of earth.   Notice the word earth when we move the ‘H’ letter at the end of the word to the beginning of the word it spells “heart”, which is the hidden meaning revealed of how interconnected our heart is to the earth and everything else around us.

Infinite Abilities also Become in Our Awareness

We become to realize when we know that we really do affect physical matter by our thoughts and feelings, we also can deliberately affect physical objects too.

This is also part of evolving personally when we realize how much latent abilities we still have the capacity and ability to use. To evolve to creating life to become easier and easier with less efforts than the old ways.

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