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The Science of Santa's World Trip

Throughout the article there are links of quantum teleportation, sub-orbital spaceflight, and extra dimensional space.  Blissful holidays to you, as you continue to transform any negativity to opportunities to further evolve.

Quantum Teleportation Distant Record

Canadian scientist helps break the quantum teleportation distant record of 97 km that was set in China last month. Surpassing it at the new record of 143 km of teleporting a photon. "As 'Two' is traveling, it immediately knows — through this strange quantum-entanglement connection — that 'One' and 'Three' have collided, and it may also know that 'One' no longer exists!" So again, beyond linear illusions, we really are all a part of One Infinite Source.

Waking Universe

This is a recent interview with Darryl Anka and clips from Bashar videos. Empowering reminders on many subjects for having peak awareness as we continue deliberately create our reality.

Infinite Conditioning

You've already done so much work on yourself on this spiritual journey. Are you reaping the benefits now? It's all there inside you to enjoy now.

Emotional Affirmations

Supercharge Your Affirmations to give them an impact, a statement with motion feelings.

Science of the Paranormal

You may want to fast forward past the first show on bigfoot to Maureen Cadill's part of the show. Maureen was focusing to sprout seeds in her hand and instead of the seeds sprouting they disappeared. She also discusses more paranormal experiments and experiences.

Molding Play Doh, Power of Focus

An inspiring article about a man who used a play doh technique as a reality transformational tool to manifest or shift his reality to his preference.

Our Focused Intention Changes our Life Experiences

Daniel Siegal's article about the power of our mind when we emotionally focus our intentions, we change our reality. It's another great reminder. "His definition is simple: Mind is a regulatory process that can be monitored, measured, observed and modified."

The Light Within Us All

Fantastic article describing the light within all of us and our human potential as we evolve in consciousness. Through our heart of passionate inspiration to continue to experience transformations of love.

Inspiring Story about Following Your Joy

"The Island Where People Forget to Die" This man's experience is so inspiring about following joy instead of pain to experience longevity against all odds.

Killing Buddha Movie

Remember the great movie written, directed and produced by Betsy Chasse, What the Bleep? Well she has a new movie that will be released soon titled, Killing Buddha. If the title triggers some judgments, it's a great opportunity to also know why? Going to the real source, stemming from it all starts from within ourselves.

I am looking forward to it. If your interested in being a part of it you can read how while checking out the preview.

The Dreaming Universe

Just love listening in on these great conversations, Fred Alan Wolf on Jeffery Mishlove's show Thinking Allowed. Dr. Wolf's experiences with different cultures and individual's abilities as bilocatation. He also talks about Tibetan Buddhist that materialize objects with intense meditation.

Inspiration from Sean Stepheson

This video will inspire you with heartfelt inspiration? Scooter Braun a talent manager and Sean Stepheson conversing about choices and life. Great reminder to follow your passion, accept any insecurities you have as a blessing to transform life and let love and joy flow.

Light Used to Switch on Gene Expression

Researchers can switch gene's on and off and on by light. Science is catching up with what we do naturally with our intentions. The researchers use light, we do the same thing naturally by our focusing of thoughts and feelings as the light. If we want vitamin C and the gene is turned off by using our focused intention will turn the gene on and the body will respond and activate vitamin C into our body. In healing we turn specific gene’s off if without awareness we unconsciously turned them on by focusing on what we didn’t want that manifested in the body as an illness.

Acoustic Levitation

Acoustic levitation. drops of liquid floating in mid air. Chris Benmore from Argonne National Lab in Illinois led the study as part of a search for methods for drug development. I am not interested in the pharmaceutical advancement. It's the sound levitation and the crystalline molecules that is interesting.

Aha and Walla Experiences

We all have those big AHA moments when something really resonates with us that is different from our past. Are you aware when and if you finalize the process to get to the WALLA experience? Though it may seem so simplistic and it is, however it can also be profound to experience the Walla from the aha, join the two as one. Click the link to read more.

Nick Wallenda Accomplished a Desire He Had Since he was a Boy

So inspiring, Nik's desire to walk a tight rope across Niagra Falls since he was a young boy. It was amazing to watch how focused he was and and he said how important it was for him to keep his focus on the end result. He also expressed to never give up on our dreams/desires no matter what odds we come across. Video at the end of the yahoo page.

Dr. Claude Swanson, Paranormal Science

Interview with Dr. Swanson on Just Energy Radio. His research of the paranormal with scientific studies to show how paranormal abilities can be supported with science.

Cern Discovered New Particle

Is science getting any closer? "The discovery of the new particle confirms the theory of how quarks bind and therefore helps to understand the strong interaction, one of the four basic forces of physics which determines the structure of matter." They still haven't found the Higgs yet that binds all matter together, as we know as consciousness .

New Invention of Wearable Electronics

A smart chip in our clothes? This team from the University of Exeter has created the material and is now developing a spray-on version of GraphExeter, which could be applied straight onto fabrics, mirrors and windows.

Do You Need a Boost of Inspiration Right Now?

listen to this video, Dr. Joe Dispenza will remind you if there's some area of your life you want to change. "When we practice our new self every day it will become as natural as the old self. Our brain literally reorganizes itself to reflect the new level of mind, the key is to be able to sustain that change independent of the environment which of course causes us to return back to the old self".

Ingo Swann Human Sensitivities and the Future

In this video Ingo Swann takes us deeply and beyond to realize that consciousness is the real reality. Materialism is a dogma that limits our perception from other more profound infinite dimensional realities.

David Sereda, Quantum Physics, Time Travel, Singularity

Listen to great info as David explains about Levels of Consciousness and how it's part of our evolution to experience what seems impossible. He shares many of his experiences and wisdom of different levels of consciousness and much much more.

What Does Valentine's Day Mean for You?

Happy Valentine's Day! Valentine's day is a day to celebrate love. When we take it beyond to reveal what our relationships can mirror about ourselves, we can create the day to be evolutionary. Let's have some fun in a mirror maze.

Choosing Thoughts of Battle or Wisdom

The thoughts you are choosing can be a constant reacting battle or wisdom of peaceful responding. Click to watch the short video.

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