What Thoughts
Did You Awake with This Morning?

We know that thoughts are energy and we need to continue to remind ourselves that "what we think matters literally," Ramtha.

When you awoke this morning, how did you feel?

If you were rushed that created the feelings of a state of being uneasy, a flood of chemical reactions that flooded through your brain and body that created the feelings. All as a result of the rushed thinking that you awoke to and started to think about.

When we become to know how the body and brain does work, we then can empower ourselves by creating our day our way and be the one in control. Instead of allowing automatic reactions to continue from some non potential thoughts that can run our day.

If we wake up from our sleep rushed then we can stop in the midst of our thinking and CHOOSE different thoughts. By stopping the non potential thinking that we started our day with, we can change the chemical reactions that are firing the signals from our brain to our body cells.

Changing the rushed feeling to a relaxed in control choice of thinking then relaxes our brain and body to a better state of being, removed of stress. It will reflect in other experiences that unfolds during our day as long as we continue the better thinking.

Choose Empowering Thoughts to Become a Habit

Creating a new habit takes some practice and the more we practice doing it the easier it will become. Take notice how you awake in the morning! If it is anything other then feeling good, then take it as a sign to stop the thinking you are choosing and choose better feeling thinking.

It will create the difference in your day. Remind yourself that what you are thinking about is creating the next experience and then the next and so on...

Whenever you are not feeling good take that as a communication or a sign to change the path of your day. It will always come back to CHOOSING BETTER FEELING THINKING over not feeling good thinking. The choice will always be up to you, no one else, no matter what the situation or experience is that you find yourself in. It will always be up to your own self how you will respond to everything. The more that you continue to notice and choose better thinking you will create better and better experiences throughout your day.

What Emotions are You Addicted To?

We may not even notice until we have the knowledge that teaches us that we are addicted to certain emotions. If we get angry easily then we can change that addiction to becoming blissful naturally instead of angry.


By taking notice first and then changing our reactions as many times as we possibly can. Realize that the other individual or situation is only an opportunity to clean our own perception from fear energy to love energy.

It may sound uncomfortable as first, however if done with consistency you will think the difference into feeling the difference every time you do it.

Knowing that any negative feelings you are experiencing is a chemical reaction to old ways that you have automatically reacted to in the past. It becomes a high, like a fix to get another high from habitual reactions of your past.

In this video Joe Dispenza from the movie "What the Bleep" talks about thoughts, the brain, observer and to create the day we want.

Let's use the example of driving along in your car and someone cuts you off and you have to move into the other lane of traffic. What was your first reaction? Was it anger? Remember under the illusion of anger is fear. Your reaction to fear of getting in an accident triggered the chemical reaction to react in anger and blame of the other driver.

Do you curse the other driver?

Or have you gone a step beyond and ask yourself how did my thoughts create my vibrational energy to be in this destiny moment? To be in this exeperience?

These two questions make all the difference in how you will change the chemical reactions in your brain and body for the next unfolding experiences you create.

When we realize that many of our reactions are a result from the thoughts we have been choosing without awareness, which means automatically then we can choose different thoughts. The different thoughts will then create better experiences. Until we create it to be a habit through our awareness that will be the changes we will see, the better experiences being created into our experiences.

To break the old addictions of disempowering thinking is to be aware and choose better potential ways of thinking that will create the better experiences. Our thoughts we are choosing are that energetic and will be the only way to change our reality.

To become addicted to the good feeling thinking will then become habitual and through practice will become as natural as the old fear reactions were originally. All it takes is awareness throughout the day on how you are feeling because we can only feel what we were thinking about first.

Reminding ourself that the thinking we are doing is creating all of our reality and as we change the choice of our thinking we will be experiencing the changes in our reality as we are creating it. Our words will also start to change. By noticing how our words change from fear energy words to better feeling words all from our choice of thoughts will become to appear magically. Yet we know that it's a result from all the great work we have done on a conscious level by being aware and making the choice of thinking the way we prefer.

In this video Ramtha explains that Thoughts Do Matter!


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