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Blissful Holidays to You

Dec 24
In whatever way you celebrate this time of year, may you create the most fun, laughter, excitement and manifestations for your experiences.

For me it's just a magnified reminder of the spirit of joy and knowing we are creators creating reality. Being aware and keeping ourselves in the highest state of being and staying as present as we can. Knowing all of the best benefits come from that state of being, now and always.

You can check out the many different cultures and how others celebrate

Christimas around the World.

What Challenges are You Going Through Right Now?

Dec 18

Have you come to realize that any challenge you are going through may be exactly what you NEED to know your powerful purpose contained in it. If we could use hindsight first without actually going through the physical experiences and see a mental vision from the end, then we will come to the realization that will be a powerful transformation. Plus your perception, attitudes and beliefs will transform for your most powerful purpose when it comes to your challenges.

purpose when it comes to your challenges.

America's Remote Viewing Program

Dec 7
A great article of the CIA's funded Remote Viewing program in the 1970's that lasted for over 23 years. It's from Lynne McTaggart book "The Field".

Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, Bill O'Donnell, Pat Price. Russel Targ and many other remote viewers that now teach remote viewing after leaving the gov't

Remote Viewing Program,

Can Science Prove we're Psychic?

Nov 28

Even though we don't need science to prove to us what we already know from our own psychic experiences...We can see it's headed in the direction of evolving into the collective consciousness.

Here's an article from

Experiments by Daryl Bem and his article “Feeling the Future”

The Observer Effect

Nov 28
The observer is YOU affecting everything as you perceive The Observer Effect

Martin Peniak

Nov 5

IMartin Peniak presents many scientific experiments proving the connection of mind and matter.  His website has interesting articles and video's half way down the page at More Articles. Just click below

Martin Peniak.

Elias, Channeled by Mary

Oct 24

How often do you really keep your attention on yourself?

We so easily can become distracted with what others are doing, especially in a conversation. Elias gets right to the point and continues to remind us that keeping our attention on what we are thinking, feeling and doing is creating what we put our focus upon, literally.

I studied Elias info for years and found the information was another great way to keep myself focused on being aware of what I was doing. It's the first time I have went back and read an Elias transcript and found it just as amazing as in the past.

Check out this transcript, Individual Energy, collective energy and mass events and how we can learn to create the world to be the way we prefer it to be. If you have not yet read any of the Elias transcripts, you can find them through this link

Elias Website.

Michael Tellinger

Oct 19
If you have not seen Michael Tellinger's video's you may really enjoy listening to his explanation of reality. And if it resonates with you, then you know that you are breaking down the illusions and expanding yourself to information of who we are and the powerful beings we have the capacity to become.

It takes open mindedness to expand and explore infinite realms of information and knowledge. Since you are reading this then you are also opening the doors to infinite possibilities too.

Michael Slave Species is one of the speakers who will be speaking at Ramtha's school. For more info on Ramtha's events at Ramtha.com/

Express and share what you think by going to my psychic experience page.

We all have OOB Experiences

Oct 10

When you are in deep thought, wondering or wandering in mind while your body is stationary,

you are Out of Body

Im the sky floating with the clouds

Oct 6
Everything moves together in the world even people

powerful new created quotes

Do you know who Helene Hadsell is?

Oct 9

She has won every contest she has ever entered for 50 years. She is absolute proof there is no randomness, only creating, it's all energy! I added a video of her S.P.E.C. formula on my

lottery page.

Smart Phones, "What Your Cell Phone Could Be Telling the Gov't

Oct 4

Is privacy important to you? If it is then you may want to read this article if you have not yet from

Time Magazine.

33 Conspiracy’s that Turned out to be True

There is no Randomness in Creating

Sept 17

Just follow your day with observing it, being aware and you will find under the illusion of everything appearing random, or just happening... is creation.

I know you already know that, but do you really believe it's with every single experience? Once you observe it enough you will find you really are creating everything, wanted or unwanted all dependant on what you believe and expect. I added some links on the lottery feedback page, 3rd headline down about

randomness v/s creating.

The Living Matrix Movie

Last week I watched the movie, The Living Matrix and it's a great movie about healing. You can watch the trailer video of it on the Self Healing page.

Just say F**k it! And Relieve Yourself of the Stress!


Just as John Parkin's is! It's becoming the new fad! Altering your natural self to stress and so many things that really do not even have the value you may have believed they do. F**k it, meaning you are releasing yourself from fears once and for all with the wisdom that the only thing that matters is the meaning you give it. Neutral Meaning

You Know those Downer Days, well I had One Yesterday!


Yesterday I had a day that was a real downer, even though I knew I was Creating it and it really got my attention when I started to feel pain in my back and my head that ached because of the emotions I allowed myself to fall prey to all day without changing my thoughts. As Ramtha refers to it as Emotional Addiction

Super Consciousness Magazine

There are 2 really great articles I read and wanted to share with you in Super Conscious magazine. The first article is from J.Z. Knight about time and focusing. The second most up to date article is from Ramtha about our true self under the knowledge section on the first page. J.Z. Knight/Ramtha

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